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How to Save iPhone messages in bulk to your computer

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To save your iPhone messages to your computer in bulk, choose multiple contacts whose messages you wish to save and copy their messages to your computer, as detailed in the following steps:

  1. Download and install TouchCopy.
  2. Start TouchCopy and connect your iPhone using your USB cable or over WiFi
  3. Click the "Messages" tab from the list on the left side of TouchCopy
  4. Select multiple contacts from your list by shift-clicking or ctrl-clicking them
  5. Once your contacts / conversations have been selected, click "Copy Messages"
  6. You'll be asked to choose where you would like to save to, then hit OK
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Additional details:

When you click the Messages Tab, all of your conversations with your contacts stored on your device will be displayed in TouchCopy. From here you can click a contact from the list to display all messages sent and received between this contact and yourself. The preview on the right will show all messages, images and videos from your selected message conversation.

To select multiple conversations to copy at once, you can select a contact from the message list, then hold down the ctrl key (PC) or cmd key (Mac) while you click more to select.

Select multiple contact conversations to copy

Once all contact names are highlighted that you wish to copy, you can then go ahead and click Copy Messages (PC) or Save as HTML (Mac).

You can also choose to save your messages as PDFs by clicking on "Save as PDF" in TouchCopy.

Copy message conversations from iPhone in bulk

TouchCopy will then ask where you would like to save the conversations to. Once you've chosen your location, hit OK (PC) or Continue (Mac), and the copy will start.

Chose where to save your messages to on your computer

Once the copy is complete, TouchCopy will even give you the option of opening the folder straight away to view your copied messages.

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