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How do I copy WhatsApp messages from my iPhone to my PC/Mac?

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To copy WhatsApp messages from your iPhone, follow these steps...

  1. Download and install TouchCopy.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable.
  3. In TouchCopy, click on the "Messages" tab.
  4. Select the WhatsApp conversations you want to copy and click "Copy Selected Conversations".

If you have not done so already, you can download TouchCopy from here:

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Detailed Steps

This Support article details how to use TouchCopy to copy WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to your PC or Mac.

If you have WhatsApp messages on your iPhone that you need to transfer to your PC/Mac, TouchCopy can copy them in the same way that you can copy SMS and iMessages.

Firstly, you will need to open TouchCopy and connect your iPhone. Once TouchCopy has read your device, navigate to the 'Messages' tab (1) on the left hand side of TouchCopy. You can then scroll down the messages to see your different messages, grouped by type. Your WhatsApp messages will be at the bottom of the list.

From there you can then select the message that you wish to copy or print by clicking on the name of the contact with whom the conversation is with (2). Then, you can either select 'Copy Selected Conversations' or 'Copy to PC/Mac' to copy the selected WhatsApp message to your PC/Mac as a HTML file named after the contact with whom you've exchanged messages; Or you can select 'Print' to print out the selected conversation directly from TouchCopy (3).

TouchCopy16 introduces a new option, "Save PDF", which will save your selected conversation in PDF format rather than HTML.

Copying WhatsApp messages with TouchCopy

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Latest Comments

Shalini wrote...
I am trying to save a WhatsApp conversation as a PDF but its coming up with this error message.
<head><title>413RequestEntityTooLarge</title></head><body bgcolor="white"><center><h1>413Request Entity Too Large</h1></center><hr><center>nginx</center></body>
Can anyone advise?
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Shalini Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our technical support team will be able to assist further. Please include details about the length on the conversation and whether it contains large amounts of media.
Adam wrote...
I'm wondering if TouchCopy also copys media from whatsapp conversations?

Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Adam I can confirm that TouchCopy can copy media from WhatsApp conversations. I would recommend downloading the free trial version of TouchCopy as this will allow you to preview your conversations and see which media can be copied.
Carl Hobbs wrote...
I'm viewing your trial version of TouchCopy for copying messages from my iphone to my Windows based computer. I have 1500 contacts on my iphone and a hundreds of messages. So far, it only shows a personal names in the messages. It shows a lot of phone numbers linked to messages but not the names. I may buy your product if it links ALL NAMES with phone numbers. But this is not what I see in the trial version.
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Carl Hobbs We are currently investigating what may be causing this unexpected behavior. Unfortunately, if the issue occurs in the trial version for you it will also occur in the full version.
Carmen wrote...
Using TouchCopy12 and find it perfect. But now I have a strange problem: Want to save conversation from one person on my computer. the sms-conversation is perfectly but when I choose the WhatApp Conversation it shows me only sms... with all other contacts there is no problem... What can be the reason?
Thanks for helpful answer.
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Carmen Please make sure you have the latest version of TouchCopy 12.90. If not please update TouchCopy and iTunes. If the problem still persists please contact our Helpdesk so we can investigate this issue. www.wideanglesoftware.com/helpdesk