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[Solved] How to save WhatsApp messages from iPhone to your computer

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How to Save WhatsApp chat on PC


WhatsApp has grown into one of the most popular messaging apps on the market and is widely used to share media and document memories. This means that the content of WhatsApp conversations is precious to many users. The question is, how can you back this information up to your computer?

This article show you how to save WhatsApp chats from your iPhone to your computer and also how to directly print out your WhatsApp messages using TouchCopy. Messages saved and printed with TouchCopy include all content in your chats, also dates and times the messages were received, as well as any images, videos or emojis included in the chat. Group chats are also supported.

To Backup WhatsApp on iPhone, follow these steps...

  1. Run TouchCopy on your PC or Mac.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable.
  3. In TouchCopy, click on the "Messages" section.
  4. On PC, click the "WhatsApp" header under Messages.
    On Mac, scroll down your conversations in TouchCopy until you get to your WhatsApp conversations.
  5. Select the WhatsApp chat you wish to backup and choose a format to save as:
  6. Select a location on your computer to save to.
  7. Hit "OK" to start the copy!

The best way to learn more about TouchCopy is to try it out, free...

Backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer

Backing up iPhone WhatsApp messages to PC using TouchCopy

Backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Mac

Backing up iPhone WhatsApp messages to Mac using TouchCopy

Detailed Instructions on how to backup WhatsApp messages to your computer...

Full Step-by-Step Guide

If you have WhatsApp messages on your iPhone that you need to copy to your PC or Mac, you can use TouchCopy to save them and any SMS, MMS, iMessage and LINE conversations to your computer too!

Select a WhatsApp Conversation - Firstly, you will need to open TouchCopy and connect your iPhone using USB or Wi-Fi (instructions will be displayed on-screen if you get stuck). Once TouchCopy has read your device, navigate to the "Messages" tab on the left-hand side of TouchCopy.

Select messages in TouchCopy

Select the WhatsApp section on PC, or scroll down thrugh SMS and iMessages to find WhatsApp on Mac.

From there, you can then select the WhatsApp conversation that you wish to copy or print by clicking on the name of the contact with whom the conversation is with. In my example, I have selected a group conversation, so I've clicked the name of my group WhatsApp conversation: "Pathfinder - Rise".

Select a conversation in TouchCopy

Search through your message content or contact names - You can also search for a specific contact by using the search box in TouchCopy. For example, I can type "Adam" in the search box, then hit Enter on my keyboard (or click the magnifying glass icon) to quickly find my conversation with Adam.

You can even use the search box to find a conversation by keyword. An example of this would be if I have forgotten a contact's name, but I know that our conversation was about car insurance. I would search for "car insurance", and TouchCopy will list all conversations which have mentioned "car insurance". Ah, I remember now, I was talking to Tom about car insurance!

Search WhatsApp Messages

Choose a format to save your WhatsApp messages as - Now that you are viewing your selected conversation in TouchCopy's preview, you'll be able to see all kinds of stuff like messages sent and received, emojis, images, videos and GIFS, as well as important information like the date and time each message was sent.

Now the part you're here for: choose which format you would like to save your conversation as to your computer:

  • "Save as HTML"(PC) / "Copy to Mac" - copy the selected WhatsApp conversation to your PC/Mac as a HTML file. HTML files can be opened in any internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari...). TouchCopy will also create a folder named after the selected contact, containing photos and videos sent and received as part of your WhatsApp chats.
  • Save as PDF - As the name suggests, this option will save your selected conversation as a PDF document to your computer. PDFs are great for sharing and easy for readability. Any images sent or received will be displayed in the PDF, but videos are not included in this format.
  • Save as Text - This last option will save your conversation as a plain text file. This option is great for users who do not need media like images or videos, and only want the text (no bells and whistles).

Save WhatsApp messages to computer

How to Print WhatsApp Messages - Your WhatsApp chats can also be printed from your PC or Mac directly from TouchCopy. Simply click 'Print' to print out the selected conversation.

Your PC or Mac will then show the Print Preview window. Here you can make adjustments like Page Orientation and Print Size. Once you are happy with your print settings, hit the Printer icon to start printing!

The printout of your messages created by TouchCopy will appear exactly as it does in the print preview. This option is great for users who want a safe hard copy of their messages.

How to print WhatsApp messages

How to transfer WhatsApp messages to a new phone

If your goal is to transfer your messages to a different device, rather than to your computer, you'll need to use a different method to the one described above.

Check out our other support article if you need to transfer your WhatsApp messages to a new phone.

Need more info? Watch our video on how to save iPhone messages to computer:

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