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TouchCopy is not displaying my iPhone messages, Contacts, Calendars or Notes

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To display your iPhone messages, follow these steps...

  1. Ensure you're using the latest TouchCopy version. You can check if your TouchCopy software is up to date here.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable.
  3. In TouchCopy, click on the "Messages" tab.
  4. Select the conversations you wish to save to your computer and click "Copy" in TouchCopy.

If TouchCopy is not displaying your iPhone messages, notes and calendars...

Please be advised that TouchCopy12 is not compatible with devices running iOS10, and so will be unable to access data such as Messages or Contacts. For iOS10 compatibility, TouchCopy16 is required.

If you followed the steps above and your messages are still not displayed or TouchCopy indicates that your iPhone contains no messages, contacts or calendars, it is possible that TouchCopy is attempting to read a corrupted backup of your iPhone data. The solution of this is to delete any iTunes backups made of your device and then try again.

First, please ensure your iTunes preferences are correctly set

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. Make sure that the "Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected" option is not checked.
  4. Ensure Encrypt iPhone backup option is not checked, as shown on the screenshot below.
  5. Click on "Done" in iTunes.

Ensure iTunes backup not encrypted

Then, remove your old iTunes backups...

  1. Select the Edit menu in iTunes and chose -> Preferences
  2. Click the Device tab
  3. Choose the Backup you wish to remove and click on Delete Backup, as shown on the screenshot below.
  4. Repeat the process for any other listed backups of your iPhone.
  5. Close iTunes.
  6. Start TouchCopy and try again.

Remove iTunes backup

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Latest Comments

Sue Ann wrote...
This worked for me. I followed the steps and was able to retrieve and save the entire iMessage convo I wanted. Thanks for a great app and your help.
Roberta Foreman wrote...
I followed the steps above and TouchCopy is still not reading my messages.Pleae advise.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Roberta Foreman Please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our technical team will be able to help resolve this issue for you.
Brian Jess wrote...
I have upgraded and activated 16.02 version and the steps on your support page did not solve my issue.
I can see my photos and music but not able to see my messages, contact, notes, or call log
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Brian Jess Please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our technical staff will be able to assist with this issue.