TouchCopy - Using TouchCopy with devices containing encrypted iTunes backup data.

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Using TouchCopy with devices containing encrypted iTunes backup data.

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To use TouchCopy on devices containing encrypted iTunes backup data, follow these steps...

  1. Download and install TouchCopy.
  2. Connect your device to your computer via the USB cable.
  3. When attempting to view certain data, TouchCopy will ask you to enter your encryption password.
  4. Once your encryption password has been entered, you will be able to copy data from the device as normal.

If you have not done so already, you can download TouchCopy from here.

Detailed Steps

Introduction - iTunes Encryption of Device Backups.

When you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your iTunes library - iTunes will make a backup of all the data on your device and store it locally on your PC. This data includes your contacts, messages, notes, calendars etc.

Optionally, you can specify that iTunes should encrypt this backup for additional security of your data. When you opt to encrypt your devices backup data, iTunes asks you for a password.

The screenshot below shows the area within iTunes where these settings are made...

Encrypt local backup

Removing Encryption from your backup

TouchCopy is able to read encrypted backups (see below), however, you can remove password encryption by clicking on the "Encrypt iPhone Backup" checkbox in iTunes. iTunes will ask you to enter your existing backup password before removing encryption.

Enter encrypted backup password

Using TouchCopy and Devices with Encrypted Backup Data

TouchCopy is able to view data on encrypted devices, however, you need to give TouchCopy the password you used to when opting to encrypt this data using iTunes.

TouchCopy will detect that the data on your device is encrypted and prompt you to enter the backup encryption password...

Enter data backup password

Note that you will not need to enter your password when viewing Music, Photos, Apps or Files on your iOS device. You will not need to enter a password at all for non-iOS based devices. (i.e. iPod Classic, iPod nano etc.).

For Your Privacy and Security

TouchCopy only uses your backup encryption password for the sole purpose of reading the data you require from your device. The password is not stored in any location on your computer or elsewhere. You will be required to enter your password again if you restart TouchCopy.

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Latest Comments

lou amling wrote...
it is prompting me for my iTunes password but says it is incorrect. but it is not
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@lou amling The password required will be the password set when enabling backup encryption for your device within iTunes. We recommend temporarily disabling back encryption within iTunes before using iTunes as having it enabled can sometimes prevent TouchCopy from accessing required data.
steve wrote...
We don't have a backup encryption password linked to the iTunes account. Do you know how we obtain one? I don't see that option in iTunes.

Denise Pelletier LeBlanc wrote...
I need help! , i cant remember my password. how can i reset it
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Denise Pelletier LeBlanc It may not be possible to reset your backup encryption password without knowing your existing password. Please be sure to try your lock screen password as this can sometimes be used.
Holly V wrote...
Running the trial version I entered my iTunes password and it got me right in. Now that I purchased it, it says my iTunes password is no incorrect. It's not, I just logged into iTunes with it to verify.
Gary Hughes wrote...
I back up my phone to iCloud. I do not want access the backup through iTunes. How do I access iCloud for backup. i only need this app for business purposes to be able to da e text messages and phone logs. I do not want to back ups iTunes on here.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Gary Hughes Unfortunately TouchCopy cannot access backups that are stored on iCloud. As such a local backup would need to be made by TouchCopy.
s wrote...
my password is not working when I try to download my messages; I reset it on iTunes and it still says "incorrect"
Steve Bentley wrote...
The program worked perfectly. All of the music on my iPod was transferred to my new laptop. Now I would like to know if the album artwork in my iTunes folder on my PC can be moved over to the iPod? Whenever I sync my iPod with my PC, no artwork moves over except from purchases that I have made through the iTunes Store. Any suggestions please?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Steve Bentley Artwork should be saved directly to the music file and transfer by default. Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing which version of TouchCopy you are using as well as whether you are performing a Copy to PC or Copy to iTunes. One of our support team will then be able to assist further with this issue.
Jacob Danner wrote...
I can't seem to access the purchased program. I was able to access my info using the password I have, but the purchased software says it is incorrect. Something seems to have gotten out of sync. Please help.
Carolyn Mellos wrote...
I do not know my password for my iPhone 6 backup in iTunes, therefor I am not able to open Touch Copy. Any suggestions??
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Carolyn Mellos Unfortunately you will need to know your backup password in order to access content such as messages. TouchCopy will be unable to access this data without the password. You should still be able to access content such as music without the backup password.
George wrote...
I have encrypted backup data, but it rarely seems to get to the screen where I can enter the password to unlock it. It just sits and spins on the "Touch Copy is initiating data communications with your iPod Touch." screen. It says it may take a few minutes, but it never seems to move on. Once or twice it's popped up almost instantly, but I can't see what was different those times. Any suggestions how I get past the screen to enter my password and access the encrypted data?
Tony Wouters wrote...
how can I work further. What is or was my password?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Tony Wouters Please contact our helpdesk regarding this matter at
giraud wrote...
mon mot de passe itunes est bon, mais impossible que touch copy me le valide, pouvez vous m'aider
Stephen wrote...
im using an iphone and im trying to view my call logs,it requested for my password which i provied and yet it says 'Password Incorrect' i had to change my password again on my itune, and it says the samething, please whats happening.. i need help
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Stephen I would recommend temporarily removing backup encryption whilst using TouchCopy. This will provide easier access to the required data within the backup.