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I have successfully transferred files from my iPod using TouchCopy, but I'm unable to transfer any new music onto my iPod.

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To transfer new music to your iPod after transferring files from your iPod using iTunes, follow these steps...

  1. In iTunes, ensure you have authorized your computer with your iTunes music store account.
  2. Select your device and uncheck the option to "Manually manage music and video".
  3. Ensure that the "Sync [category]" box is checked for each media type that you wish to transfer.
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Detailed Steps

Please ensure your computer is authorized with your iTunes music store account, otherwise you will not be able to transfer any purchased content to your iPod. In iTunes select Store->Authorize Computer... from the menu.

Also, check that your iPod is still set to automatically sync with your iTunes library having used TouchCopy. With your iPod connected to iTunes, navigate to the summary tab for your iPod.

Device Summary Tab

Then scroll down the summary page to look for your iPod options to see if they are set as shown below...

Manually manage music and videos

If they are set as shown above, iTunes will not automatically update your iPod. You will need to set the options to their default settings as shown in the picture below...

Open iTunes when iPod is connected

Setting iTunes as above will ensure that your music and videos are automatically synced with iTunes. You can check this by clicking on the Music Tab in iTunes and ensuring that the "Sync music" box is checked. In addition to this, if you wish to sync your Podcasts, Games and Contacts, click on the relevant tab in iTunes, check the "Sync" box, and then click on the Sync button at the bottom of the screen.

Sync new music with your ipod

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Latest Comments

Reggie Taylor wrote...
I downloaded your touchcopy 64 bit. I have a ipod touch with over 800 songs that I do not have backed up anywhere. I loaded the demo version of your product but I keep getting the error with a red triangle and white exclamation point indicating that the music could not be loaded.. Any help you can provide me.. the music loads fine into itunes, I just can not back it.. I have an ipod touch running ios 2.2.1 Thanks for your help. my pc is running the latest version of windows 10 with fall developer update 2017
Chris wrote...
Hello- I have the demo version of your program. Before I purchase, I'd like to know if it's better to copy to my PC first, then copy from my PC into iTunes? I had previously had my iTunes library on an external hard drive, but I mistakenly formatted (erased) everything. Do I need to create the special iTunes library files, or would your program copy directly into the correct files that exist? Not sure if I know exactly how each song should copy! Thank you!
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Chris TouchCopy provides options for copying to your PC or to iTunes directly. If you intend to use iTunes to play the copied files, the copy to iTunes function will prevent you from having to manually add the tracks into iTunes.

TouchCopy will copy your tracks to the iTunes library that is referenced in iTunes. If you go to preferences within iTunes and then go to the advanced tab, iTunes will display the location of your library.
John Gray wrote...
Hello Many songs in my itunes library are lightly highlighted I suppose itunes cannot find the files to these songs. I went to preferences and enabled copy files to itunes media folder. My question is If I use touchcopy copy my ipod, which has all the songs to my itunes will the songs I have in Itunes library be duplicated?

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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@John Gray TouchCopy will display blue music notes next to any tracks that are on your device but are also in iTunes. If you copy these tracks, the tracks within iTunes will be overwrite and not duplicated.
Mike wrote...
Many songs have ! next to them and iTunes cannot find the song.
The "Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library" was checked when I uploaded from my iPod Classic but still !.
Why won't this software work?
Wide Angle Software logo
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Mike Very sorry you have encountered this problem. Please can you check if the songs play with in TouchCopy and also on your iPod. Here is a support article with further information on resolving this issue: If the problem persists please contact our Helpdesk.