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Can I install TouchCopy on more than one computer?

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To install TouchCopy onto more than one computer, follow these steps...

  1. Download your purchased version of TouchCopy to the computer you wish to install it on.
  2. Activate TouchCopy using your purchased activation code.
  3. A single TouchCopy activation code can be used to activate TouchCopy on:
    • up to 2 computers (TouchCopy lifetime version)
    • one computer (TouchCopy Rental version)

Please be advised that our PC and Mac software are sold seperately. As such, their activation codes are not interchangable. You may be eligable for a discount if you wish to purchase both PC and Mac versions of TouchCopy - just ask one of our friendly advisors for help.

You can retrieve your TouchCopy activation code and download your purchased version of the software below:

Retrieve TouchCopy license and download

Further Information

When you purchase TouchCopy, you are purchasing a single user license. This means that you can activate the software on up to 2 of your computers as long as you are the sole user of the software. If multiple users are to use the software, a license must be purchased for each user.

TouchCopy can be used with an unlimited number of iPods, iPhones and iPads.

How to activate TouchCopy 16

You need to know your activation code and password each time you activate TouchCopy. You can use our automated system to retrieve your activation code, and you can request for the password to be emailed to you automatically from within the program itself.

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