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The latest version of TouchCopy PC is 22.11.18

Update to the latest version for new features and performance updates.

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TouchCopy 16 users

TouchCopy 16 remains compatible with the latest iTunes and iOS updates and can be downloaded here...

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What is new in TouchCopy for Windows?

We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to TouchCopy.

TouchCopy 22.11.18 25th November 2022

Improvement Add print function to print messages and more directly from TouchCopy.

Improvement During device backup improve feedback to user.

Improvement Improvement in device backup process.

Fixes Minor bug fixes.

TouchCopy 22.11.14 17th November 2022

Improvement Redesign device connect screen and streamline device connectivity.

Improvement In photos, close preview display if another album collection is selected.

Fixes Fixes message export language when running TouchCopy in a non-English language.

Fixes Fixes some Reminder collections not being displayed.

TouchCopy 22.11.01 10th November 2022

Fixes Fixes in loading of music for older iPod Classics.

Fixes Fixes message dates being incorrect when conversation exported.

Fixes Fixes message export language when running TouchCopy in a non-English language.

Improvement Add image controls inline with messages.

Improvement Can now select multiple folders in Files section.

Improvement Improve behaviour if iTunes found not to be installed

TouchCopy 22.10.25 1st November 2022

Improvement Add Italian and Dutch language.

Fixes Fixes and improvements in speed and stability of the software.

TouchCopy 22.10.18 24th October 2022

Fixes Further fixes and improvements in Photos and Music

TouchCopy 22.10.11 18th October 2022

Fixes Fixes and improvements in Photos and Music functionality.

Fixes Correct display when in Dark Mode.

TouchCopy 22.10.06 (Major new version) 14th October 2022

Feature TouchCopy now features a refined and modern Windows 10 / 11 interface.

Enhancements Major performance updates for a faster loading and backup of messages, call logs, photos and other iOS device content.

TouchCopy 16.76 14th October 2022

Fixes Fixed Call Logs and Notes functionality for iOS devices updated to iOS 16.0.2 or newer.

TouchCopy 16.75 9th May 2022

Fixes Fixed detection of iPhone SE devices.

TouchCopy 16.74 28th February 2022

Fixes Fixed Call Logs not showing unknown callers.

Fixes Fixed connectivity problems that report error code 3892314244.

Enhancements Added Voice Memo support for encrypted device backups

Enhancements Added Japanese to language selection in Preferences and improve Japanese localization.

Enhancements Increased emoji support for Messages.

Enhancements Apply Date Created and Last Modified to copied Notes files.

TouchCopy 16.73 13th December 2021

Feature Added support for Line app messages.

Feature Detection of iCloud based images in Messages.

Fixes Fixed issue where activate button would still show after purchasing/activating.

Fixes Corrected Japanese output when exporting to PDF.

Enhancements Added ability to name message attachments based on date rather than incrementing number.

Enhancements Group badges in Messages.