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Update to the latest version of TouchCopy (PC)

The latest version of TouchCopy PC is 16.75

You will not need to re-enter your activation code if you're re-installing the software on the same computer.

First please uninstall any old versions of TouchCopy from your system...

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel and choose “Uninstall a Program”
  2. Select TouchCopy from the list and click Uninstall
  3. Download and install the latest version from the link below

Download TouchCopy for PC

Forgot Your Activation Code?

If you cannot remember your TouchCopy activation code, you can look it up on our system based on your email address.

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What is new in TouchCopy for Windows?

We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to TouchCopy.

TouchCopy 16.75 9th May 2022

Fixes Fix correct detection of iPhone SE devices.

TouchCopy 16.74 28th Feburary 2022

Fixes Fix Call Logs not showing unknown callers.

Fixes Fix connectivity problems that report error code 3892314244.

Improvements Added Voice Memo support for encrypted device backups

Improvements Added Japanese to language selection in Preferences and improve Japanese localization.

Improvements Increased emoji support for Messages.

Improvements Apply Date Created and Last Modified to copied Notes files.

TouchCopy 16.73 13th Decemeber 2021

Feature Add support for Line app messages.

Feature Detection of iCloud based images in Messages.

Fixed Fix issue where activate button would still show after purchasing/activating.

Fixed Correct Japanese output when exporting to PDF.

Improvements Add ability to name message attachments based on date rather than incrementing number.

Improvements Group badges in Messages.

TouchCopy 16.72 8th November 2021

Fixed Improve iPod device ejection.

Fixed Activated details display correctly (x64 Version).

Improvements Improve copying Voice Mail operation.

Fixed User options now persist over product updates.

TouchCopy 16.71 1st October 2021

Improvements Added iPhone 13 devices.

Improvements Added Croatian language support.

Improvements Improved stability for some windows configurations.

TouchCopy 16.70 16th September 2021

Fixed Fix WhatsApp conversations only showing first name of contact.

Fixed Fix Facetime calls not showing in Call Logs.

Improvements Display sender details on sent messages.

Improvements Show pinned messages conversations at the top of the contacts list.

Improvements Added additional photo collection types to Photos feature (e.g. Bursts, Live etc).

TouchCopy 16.69 17th August 2021

Fixed Fix some emoji not saving in PDF documents when exporting messages.

Fixed Fix photo preview of modified photos showing the original rather than the edited version.

ImprovementsAdded option to prevent creating a album name folder when copying photos.

Improvements Improve Photos stability.

Improvements Display WhatsApp Call Logs.

Improvements Can merge call logs into a single document when exporting.

Improvements Can optionally show contact numbers in Call Logs.

TouchCopy 16.68 13th July 2021

Fixed Fix photo preview of modified photos showing the original rather than the edited version.

Fixed Fixed issue where device backup under 32Bit windows (x86) might not have been possible.

Fixed Correct UTC timestamp saved with photos.

Fixed Fixed ability to save voice recordings in messages.

Fixed Fixed issue where some contacts phone number where not displayed or exported.

Improvements Add ability to export Pro-Raw file formats (.dng) in photos.

Improvements Several modifactions for handling iOS15 based devices. (Development)

TouchCopy 16.67 20th January 2021

Feature Added the ability to save multiple contacts as a single VCF file.

Improvements Behind the scenes performance updates and minor bug fixes.

TouchCopy 16.66 19th November 2020

Improvements Behind the scenes performance updates for connection of devices with TouchCopy

TouchCopy 16.65 19th October 2020

Fixed Fixed an issue whereby some devices were not being detected.

TouchCopy 16.64 10th September 2020

Improvements Behind the scenes performance updates and minor bug fixes.

TouchCopy 16.63 1st July 2020

Feature Added the ability to save internet bookmarks as HTML - allowing for them to be imported into a browser.

Fixed Fixed a bug which caused TouchCopy to crash for some users when attempting to load certain photos.

Improvements Behind the scenes performance updates and minor bug fixes.