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TouchCopy For PC Update

Version 24.04.19 Available

Update to the latest version for new features and performance updates.

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We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to TouchCopy.

Version 24.04.1923rd April 2024


  • Updates for iOS 17.4.1

Version 24.03.066th March 2024

Fixes Fixes for iOS 17.4

TouchCopy 24.01.03 24th January 2024

Improvement Improve reliability of Contact export to CSV.

Improvement Improve Note sorting function.

Improvement Correctly display Web Links in Notes and made them actionable.

Fixes Fix display Images in Notes and Quick Notes.

Fixes Fix Grouping Messages in Messages based on user settings..

Fixes Prevent Live Photos saving as static images.

Fixes Fix “Done” items not showing in Reminders during PDF export.

Fixes Display Music Playlist content in correct track order for non-iOS based iPods.

TouchCopy 23.10.10 09th November 2023

Improvement Improve reliability of loading WhatsApp conversations.

Improvement Added option to show or hide deleted messages.

Improvement Call Logs distinguish between Audio and Video Facetime calls.

Improvement UI changes to improve readability.

Improvement RAW photos highlighted in Photo browser.

Improvement Added ability to convert HEIC to JPG format when saving to PC.

Improvement When exporting contacts, contact image is included in the export.

Improvement Add Quick Notes into Notes section.

Fixes Fix Messages not saved in when exporting to HTML.

Fixes Fix Voice memo Loading on iOS17.

Fixes Fix vCard export of contacts for improved compatibility with Windows Contacts app.

Fixes Fix some note content not being read correctly for iOS17.

Fixes Fix copy progress bar not displaying in Toolbar.

TouchCopy 23.08.20 27th September 2023

Improvement Add support for inline replies for messages in iOS17.

Improvement Add iPhone 15 family series devices to device support.

Improvement Add Quick Notes into Notes section.

Improvement Add option to optimize messages display with lots of media items.

Fixes Fix messages with contacts not exporting correctly.

Fixes Fix reminders not showing.

Fixes Fix incorrect message dates showing in the future.

TouchCopy 23.08.15 15th August 2023

Improvement Improved Messages Search.

TouchCopy 23.08.15 15th August 2023

Fixes Bug Fixes and improvements in message searching and saving.

TouchCopy 23.08.03 3rd August 2023

Fixes Bug Fixes.

TouchCopy 23.05.02 28th July 2023

Fixes Fix localizations in Messages.

Fixes Correct call log name display.

Fixes Correct JPEG images in Photos section not being shown in Preview.

Fixes Display Notes and Reminders correctly for iOS 9 devices.

Fixes Many other bug fixes.

Improvement Compact layout options in Exporting Messages.

Improvement Displays Smart Playlists in Music.

Improvement Context menu options for Contacts.

TouchCopy 23.03.09 18th April 2023

Fixes Improved support for RAW images in Photos.

Fixes Fixed errors in reading some Photo library content.

Fixes Fix ordering of items in Playlists in Music.

Fixes Ensure OK button is displayed on longer Settings pages.

Fixes Prevent Dates formatting resetting if closing with Settings visible.

Improvement UI consistency for Tree and List view behaviour.

Improvement Disabled app bar functions not available for current item selections.

Improvement Improve small icon quality in Files.

TouchCopy 23.02.16 14th March 2023

Fixes Correctly display contact names in WhatsApp conversations.

Fixes Improve reliability in displaying images and stickers in line messages.

Improvement Add Messages search to message content as well as, optionally, just participant name.

Improvement Various improvments in product activation and Whats App message reading optimisations.

Improvement Add support for calendars not stored on iCloud. e.g. google calendars.

Improvement Add ability to export Calendars to CSV format.

Improvement Allow multiple selection of Notes for export.

Improvement Device wallpaper shown in device overview page.

Improvement Additional iPhone 14 support.

TouchCopy 23.01.25 8th Feburary 2023

Feature Be able to manage device backups on the PC within TouchCopy settings.

Improvement Add refresh button in Files feature.

Improvement Remember music sort preferences between runs.

Improvement Click playing artwork to view full size album artwork.

Improvement Click currently playing track title to visit currently playing album in music.

Improvement Music grouping headings show full title rather than just first letter.

Fixes Save message reactions when exporting to PDF or HTML.

Fixes Fix ability to copy multiple files in from device to PC within Files feature.

Fixes Fix some music tracks being copied with incorrect file extensions.

Fixes Improve detection of duplicate music tracks.

TouchCopy 23.01.04 5th January 2023

Improvement Improved reliability in iOS device connectivity detection.

TouchCopy 22.11.28 13th December 2022

Improvement Able to browse all images in a messages conversation and save / preview those images.

Improvement Add new media player for improved audio and video playback.

Improvement Added support for rich content in WhatsApp messages.

Improvement Prompt user if an attached iOS device requires user interaction on connect.

Improvement Optionally checks for product updates on start up.

Fixes Fix connectivity issues for some iPod Classic devices.

Fixes Other bug fixes.

TouchCopy 22.11.18 25th November 2022

Improvement Add print function to print messages and more directly from TouchCopy.

Improvement During device backup improve feedback to user.

Improvement Improvement in device backup process.

Fixes Minor bug fixes.

TouchCopy 22.11.14 17th November 2022

Improvement Redesign device connect screen and streamline device connectivity.

Improvement In photos, close preview display if another album collection is selected.

Fixes Fixes message export language when running TouchCopy in a non-English language.

Fixes Fixes some Reminder collections not being displayed.

TouchCopy 22.11.01 10th November 2022

Fixes Fixes in loading of music for older iPod Classics.

Fixes Fixes message dates being incorrect when conversation exported.

Fixes Fixes message export language when running TouchCopy in a non-English language.

Improvement Add image controls inline with messages.

Improvement Can now select multiple folders in Files section.

Improvement Improve behaviour if iTunes found not to be installed

TouchCopy 22.10.25 1st November 2022

Improvement Add Italian and Dutch language.

Fixes Fixes and improvements in speed and stability of the software.

TouchCopy 22.10.18 24th October 2022

Fixes Further fixes and improvements in Photos and Music

TouchCopy 22.10.11 18th October 2022

Fixes Fixes and improvements in Photos and Music functionality.

Fixes Correct display when in Dark Mode.

TouchCopy 22.10.06 (Major new version) 14th October 2022

Feature TouchCopy now features a refined and modern Windows 10 / 11 interface.

Enhancements Major performance updates for a faster loading and backup of messages, call logs, photos and other iOS device content.

TouchCopy 16.76 14th October 2022

Fixes Fixed Call Logs and Notes functionality for iOS devices updated to iOS 16.0.2 or newer.

TouchCopy 16.75 9th May 2022

Fixes Fixed detection of iPhone SE devices.

TouchCopy 16.74 28th February 2022

Fixes Fixed Call Logs not showing unknown callers.

Fixes Fixed connectivity problems that report error code 3892314244.

Enhancements Added Voice Memo support for encrypted device backups

Enhancements Added Japanese to language selection in Preferences and improve Japanese localization.

Enhancements Increased emoji support for Messages.

Enhancements Apply Date Created and Last Modified to copied Notes files.