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TouchCopy does not detect my iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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A recent update to iTunes means that you must ensure you have the latest version of TouchCopy for PC installed. If you are using iTunes version 12.1 or higher on a 64 Bit version of Windows, you need to be using at least version 12.55 of TouchCopy.

Click here to download the latest version of TouchCopy (64-Bit) for PC.


If TouchCopy is unable to detect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, follow these steps...

  1. Ensure that you are running the latest version of TouchCopy and iTunes.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your device while TouchCopy is running.
  3. Unlock your lock screen before connecting your device and ensure that it is unlocked while TouchCopy attempts to detect your device.
  4. Ensure that you have tapped to "Trust" your computer on your device if prompted.
  5. Ensure the Apple Mobile Device service is running and that iTunes can detect the device.

Detailed Steps

Please make sure that you're using the latest version of TouchCopy.
You can download the latest TouchCopy version here.

iTunes is required for TouchCopy to detect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
You can download iTunes from here.

Please try disconnecting and then connecting your device with TouchCopy running. If this does not work, restart TouchCopy with your iTouch, iPhone or iPad still connected.



If your device has a passcode on the lock screen, disconnect your device from your computer, enter the passcode and then re-connect your device to the computer.



For devices using iOS7 or higher, tap Trust on your device to trust your computer. If you choose not to trust the connected computer, you can charge your device, but the connected computer won't be able to access any content on your device.

If you are using Microsoft Windows - ensure you have the required services running by following these instructions: How to ensure Apple Mobile Device Service is running.

If your problems persist, please ensure that iTunes can find your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Occasionally, if the iPod or iOS device database gets corrupted for some reason, neither TouchCopy nor iTunes will be able to find your device. For further help with getting iTunes to find your device visit

Once iTunes has found your iOS device, close down iTunes and try using TouchCopy again. If you continue to have problems with TouchCopy detecting your iPod, iPhone or iPad, submit a support ticket from here.

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Latest Comments

Fleur Sargent wrote...

I have the full version of TouchCopy but since I downloaded the new Apple system, when I plug my phone into TouchCopy to download my sms's, it says I have no messages in my phone. It does recognise the phone but not the messages, which is why I bought the program. I have gone into iTunes and unpressed the Encrypt button too. This has only started a few days ago.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Fleur Sargent Please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our technical staff will be able to assist with this issue. Please be sure to include which version of TouchCopy you are using as well as the version of iOS you are running on your iPhone.
Ross Overall wrote...
I have a new computer windows 10, I have just installed latest version of itunes and reinstalled touchcopy 12 and when i try and run touch copy it tells me i need to get the lastest version of itunes or latest version of touchcopy ????? Help please
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Ross Overall Please ensure that you are running the correct version of TouchCopy based on your version of iTunes. This can be downloaded from the relevant link: 64-bit TouchCopy if you have 64-bit iTunes | 32-bit TouchCopy if you have 32-bit iTunes.
jon wrote...
i have just purchased touchcopy, connected my iPhone for the reason to download all the text and iMessage but i have the error that says 'cannot find any messages on your device'.
Kendra wrote...
I can only see a portion of my messages; TouchCopy is not detecting the other messages that I have (and can see) on my phone. Why is this?? What do I do?
Thank you much.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Kendra TouchCopy must create a backup in order to access data such as messages. Please try creating a manual backup within iTunes to ensure that TouchCopy is using the latest data.
Stephanie wrote...
I am running Touchcopy 12.90. I am getting an error that your iPhone 6S does not contain any messages. How can I import my messages. I was able to do this with my iPhone 5.
Kevin wrote...

I am running Touchcopy 12.90. I am getting an error that your iPhone 6S does not contain any messages. How can I import my messages. I was able to do this with my iPhone 5.
christel wrote...
my iPhone 6s just stopped working all of a sudden this morning and its only 3 months old and i want to see if i can get my pictures off of it because i haven't backed it up since there any way around it since i can't turn it on and or turn my passcode off to get my pics off of it ??
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@christel Unfortunately there is not a way to connect to the device if it cannot be powered. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.
angie wrote...
If I bought this for an iPhone5 but now I have an iPhone6 can I still use this? It wont connect- I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have reinstalled.
Thank you.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@angie Yes TouchCopy will work with any of your Apple devices. Please check you have an updated version of TouchCopy and iTunes as this can often be the problem with newer devices.
Neysa Aguirre wrote...
I purchased Touchcopy last week and all worked great. Today, it sees everything but messages. Error reads "TouchCopy is not able to communicate with iPad". But it can see photos, etc.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Neysa Aguirre Are your iPad backups set to be encrypted? TouchCopy must create a local backup in order to access certain data such as Messages, Contacts and Calendars. Having local backup encryption set can sometimes prevent TouchCopy from making or accessing this backup.
amy wrote...
I'm using windows 8.1, iphone6 ios 9.2.1 with touchcopy 12.83, itunes all to the most current updates.

my itunes can read the iphone.

i have many messages on my iphone, but touchcopy is giving me the error "your iphone 6 does not contain any messages".

similar error stating your "iphone does not contain any"- calendars, contacts,notes,voicemail, etc.

no call logs, internet, voicemail shows.

The only thing that work is music, photos and files.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Vel Wright Please check if your iPhone is being detected by your computer and iTunes. It might also help to connect your iPhone unlocked to your computer and then start TouchCopy.
Vel Wright wrote...
I've been attempting to connect but it doesn't seem to be able to locate my iphone.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Roxanne Mitchell Hello,

Please check that there are call logs still on your device after updating to iOS 9.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@helen pepers Hello,

Your purchases should be synced to your iTunes account. Please see this support article from Apple: