How to ensure Apple Mobile Device Service is running.

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How to ensure Apple Mobile Device Service is running.

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To ensure the Apple Mobile Device Service is running, follow these steps...

  1. Press the "Windows" button and type "Services".
  2. Select "Services" from the search results.
  3. Find "Apple Mobile Device" in the list of displayed services.
  4. If it does not say "Started" or "Running" next to it, right click the service and select "Start".

More detailed steps follow:

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Detailed Steps

TouchCopy allows users to copy Music, Photos, Contacts, Messages and loads more from iPod, iPhone and iPad to your computer. So, it goes without saying that TouchCopy will need to detect your device.

Copy music, photos, messages and more from iPod, iPhone and iPad to computer or iTunes

If TouchCopy is unable to detect your iPod Touch or iPhone on your PC it may be because the required services are not currently running on your PC. This article describes how to check for and fix this problem.

Opening services in Windows

Press the windows button, and type "services" in the "Start Search" box. Click the "Services" item in the search results.

Opening services Windows XP

Open Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services

Checking service status

Ensuring that Apple Mobile Device service is running

In the list of installed windows services that appear, look for "Apple Mobile Device". The status of this service should be "Started". If the status is something else, right click on on the services name and select "Start" from the pop-up menu.

If "Apple Mobile Device" does not appear on the list, you will need to re-install the latest version of iTunes from

Restart TouchCopy and then connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

If you continue to have problems, please contact our support team via our online helpdesk.

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Latest Comments

Richard wrote...
I have recently purchased TouchCopy 16 and am running iTunes vn Touch Copy will not connect my iPod. I have followed all the instructions here and have checked that Windows is running the Apple Mobile Device Service. Windows is able to see the iPod in File Explorer.
Any advice?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Richard Our records are showing that you have since been able to resolve this issue with our support team. I am happy to hear that you are now up and running with TouchCopy.
Brad Bodnar wrote...
My Apple Mobile Device Service shows my iphone as being running and automatic. TouchCopy is trying to find my Iphone but its not working. Apple Iphone is shown on the File Explorer too, but can only access some photos.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Brad Bodnar Please submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk confirming as to whether iTunes is able to detect your device. Please be sure to also detail which version of TouchCopy, iTunes and Windows you are using.
kelly wrote...
Urgent - I really need a copy of my text messages for court! I have gone through all of the trouble shooting steps and touchcopy still cannot detect my iphone. URGENT!
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@kelly Please ensure that you are running the latest version of TouchCopy and iTunes on your computer. Please also submit a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing which version of iOS you are running on your device. One of our support team will then be able to provide technical support for this issue.
Jenn wrote...
I purchased TouchCopy12 but wants me to update to 16 but then tells me I need to activate or buy again. Stating my iPhone 6S does not contain any messages. What do I do? I need this and paid money to have this to work correctly. Do I have to purchase TouchCopy16 for this to work??
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Jenn TouchCopy 12 is not compatible with devices running iOS 10. Whilst TouchCopy 16 is compatible with devices running iOS 10, it is a paid upgrade. As such you may need to purchase a TouchCopy 16 activation code.

If you wish to upgrade, please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing the email address used to purchase. One of our support team will then be able to go through the upgrade options available to you, including our 50% discount promotion.
Julie wrote...
@TammyFisher.. I have had the exact same problem for well over a month now and I cannot get any help from Wide Angle, despite several emails and requests. I am beyond frustrated! It used to work fine until one day it froze and I have repeatedly done all of the steps you have, and now it detects my phone but says there is no information on it!!!!! Someone PLEASE HELP! I need this program to work! I also purchased the backup from wideangle initially and now that is missing from my computer!!
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Julie Our records are displaying that your support (#65375) was responded to the same day that we received the ticket. If you did not receive an email notification, please login to our ticketing system to view this response. Please either respond to your latest ticket or open a new ticket if you are experiencing a different issue, and a member of our team will be happy to help to get you back up and running.
Steve Harmer wrote...
I have an ipod touch and my PC version 16 says could not load the required itunes info. Windows 8, itunes latest version. Apple device is running and itunes sees the ipod? Touchcopy works on my Mac fine with the same ipod. Help?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Steve Harmer Please uninstall TouchCopy and install the latest version (16.05). This will ask to install some prerequisites if your computer does not already contain the required framework. Once installed, TouchCopy should no longer experience this issue.
Tammy Fisher wrote...
I have an Iphone 6s 10.0.2. I have been trying to back up my messages and have not been able to. I upgraded to Touchcopy16. I changed my password for encryption in ITunes but no matter what I do Touchcopy tells me that I am typing an incorrect password. I tried taking out the password and it still would not upload my messages. Any suggestions? I have checked and Apple Mobile Device is started.

Thank you.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Tammy Fisher We are currently investigating an issue whereby TouchCopy reports the password is incorrect for iOS 10 devices. We hope to make a fix available shortly.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@William Alfred Please confirm that iTunes is able to detect your device. Unfortunately TouchCopy will be unable to detect your device if iTunes is not able to. Please be sure to open a support ticket on our online helpdesk and one of our technical support team will be able to assist further.
William Alfred wrote...
I recently purchased a copy of the TouchCopy for my laptop. After installing, I cannot get the copy to recognize my Ipod touch. I need to transfer music from the Ipod to the Laptop. Please I need some help.

charles mitchum wrote...
touch copy 12 unable to connect to iphone 6s. i have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled touchcopy 12. running windows 10. in services it says apple mobile device is running. i have activated my touchcopy. when i start touchcopy it searches but does not find the device. itunes version suggestions please
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@charles mitchum Please confirm that iTunes is able to detect your device. Please also confirm that you are running the 64-bit version of TouchCopy if running the 64-bit version of iTunes.
Stan Burrows wrote...
I just purchased a copy of TouchCopy 12 and it worked great for my iPod. It can't find my iPhone 5 however. I'm trying to transfer my Apple stuff to a new computer with Windows 10 and a new iTunes version. I still have my wife's iPhone and iPod to do.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Stan Burrows Please firstly ensure that you have tried all of the steps mentioned above. Does iTunes recognize your device? If not, TouchCopy will also be unable to locate your device.

Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk if the issue continues persist so that one of our technical support team can assist you further. Please be sure to include which version of iOS your device is running and which version of iTunes you have installed.