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iTunes cannot sync with my iPod after using TouchCopy.

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To get iTunes to sync with your iPod after using TouchCopy, follow these steps...

  1. Connect your iPod to your computer via the USB cable.
  2. In iTunes, select your iPod and uncheck the options "Manually manage music and videos" and "Enable Disk Use".
  3. Ensure that the "Sync" box is checked for each of the content tabs.
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Detailed Steps

Connect your iPod to your PC and run iTunes. Select your iPod in the source list in iTunes. In the main iTunes Window (under the "Summary" tab) scroll down to the bottom. Uncheck "Manually manage music and videos".

Automatically sync iTunes with iPod

Setting iTunes like this ensures that your music and videos are automatically synced with iTunes. You can check this by clicking on the Music Tab in iTunes and ensuring that the "Sync music" box is checked. In addition to this, if you wish to sync your Podcasts, Games and Contacts, click on the relevant tab in iTunes, check the "Sync" box, and then click on the Sync button at the bottom of the screen.

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