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Update to the latest version of TouchCopy (Mac)

The latest version of TouchCopy for Mac is 21.09.09

Now running natively on M1 Apple Silicon Macs!

To use the latest version, first please uninstall any older versions of TouchCopy from your system...

  1. Open Finder on your Mac, then click Applications in the sidebar.
  2. Select TouchCopy in your list of applications, and drag it into your Trash Can.

Download TouchCopy for Mac

Forgot Your Activation Code?

If you cannot remember your TouchCopy activation code, you can look it up on our system based on your email address.

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Previous versions

Registered users of the previous version "TouchCopy 16" for Mac can still download that version of TouchCopy.

Download TouchCopy 16 (Mac) >

What is new in TouchCopy for Mac?

We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to TouchCopy.

Version 21.09.09 9th September 2021


  • Fixed WhatsApp Conversations only showing the first name of a contact.


  • Show conversations that are "pinned"
  • Display sender details for sent messages.
  • Added additional photo collection types. e.g. Bursts, Animated etc.
  • Help button now context sensitive to what feature is currently selected.

Version 21.08.17 17th August 2021


  • Fixed Call Logs displaying participant names repeatedly.
  • Fix preview of edited photo showing original version instead of edit.


  • Improve stability of Music feature during playback.
  • Improve navigation while previewing full size images in photos.
  • Add ability to read WhatsApp Call Logs.
  • Add ability to play and copy Ringtones.
  • Add ability to preview image in both edited and original versions.

Version 21.07.27 27th July 2021


  • Correct “loved” tracks display.
  • Enhance stability of loading music library for older iOS version.
  • Improve stability of Photo and Music features.
  • Allow display of some links in Notes


  • Improve device connectivity.

Version 21.06.24 24th June 2021


  • Show “Update” and “Copy to Mac” preferences when using with iPods.


  • Added support for older iPod models.
  • Print messages directly from TouchCopy.
  • Highlight found search terms in messages.
  • Click artwork in music playback view to see larger image and then allow save of artwork to Mac.

Version 21.06.17 17th June 2021


  • Fixed potential crash or hang when loading some messages under macOS 10.
  • Fixed issue with backup password not being checked correctly on some configurations.


  • Show album art thumbnails in Music feature.

Version 21.06.09 9th June 2021


  • Prevent crash when connecting unlocked device following power up.


  • Improve device connectivity.
  • Update Touch Bar icons to match the toolbar icons in the app.

Version 21.05.13 13th May 2021

Major New Version

The latest in the TouchCopy series has been born. Simply named "TouchCopy" (previous versions were TouchCopy 12, and TouchCopy 16), this major new version is totally reworked with performance and user experience in mind.

TouchCopy is now running natively on M1 Apple Silicon Macs, boasts faster performance, a sleek new look and it couldn't be simpler to use.

It is compatible with all iPhones, iPods and iPads - all versions of iOS - and all versions of iPadOS. You can use TouchCopy on any Mac using macOS 10.12 or higher. This version runs on older Intel-based Macs as well as M1 Apple Macs.