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How to edit and create new MP3 Tags with Music Tag

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To edit tags (such as title, artist, album) on mp3 music tracks, follow these steps...

  1. Download, install and launch Music Tag.
  2. Add any tracks to Music Tag which you would like to edit the tags of.
  3. Select a track, then edit any of the text fields on the right of Music Tag.
  4. Once the tags have been edited, click Save Changes.
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Detailed Steps

Sometimes, you may wish to edit the tags of your music tracks manually. You can do this easily by using Music Tag.

Check out our support article if you instead wish to download missing track information automatically.

Editing mp3 track tags

To manually edit existing tags, launch Music Tag and add your music to the application. You can do this by dragging tracks from iTunes or folders into Music Tag; by going to File > Add Files... in Music Tag; or scan for music in folders by going to File > Scan Folders for Music.

Scan folders for music menu option

With your music loaded into Music Tag, click the track which you would like to edit. It's track information will be displayed on the right-hand side of the application in editable fields. Click inside a text field to edit the tag.

Edit tags on an mp3 music file

Creating new tags

As well as allowing you to modify tags, Music Tag also gives you the ability to add tags to your tracks.

To do this, hit the "Additional Tags" section. You'll now need to create a four-character identifier to label your tag. Type in your four characters, then hit Confirm. Fill in the content of your tag, next to your identifier, as seen below:

Create additional tags for a music track

Once you're happy with the changes that you have made to the tags on the track, hit the "Save Changes" button to apply the tags to the track.

Save changes to music files
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