6 Ways to Backup SMS Android - Transfer Text Messages

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How to back up text messages from your Android device.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to backup or transfer messages from your Android phone, we've got you covered. In this article we'll cover how to backup text messages to Google Drive, to computer, to another phone and more. The article covers methods to suit any budget, so whether you need a quick transfer of an important message, or whether you are looking for a robust professional application to manage messages, you're in the right place.

You can see from the list below that some methods require only your Android device, and some methods require using a computer with your Android.

Here are the 6 Android SMS message backup methods reviewed:

Android - Transfer Companion

  • Free app on Google Play Store for Android
  • Backup Call Logs - FREE
  • Backup the first 4 messages of any conversation - FREE

Purchase the upgrade in-app to remove the restriction on the amount of messages copied from a conversation.

Backup text messages to Google Drive

Let's kick this guide off by backing up messages from an Android phone to Google Drive

Google Drive is Cloud Storage provided by Google. Using your free Google account, you receive 15GB of free online storage using Google Drive. You can access your data stored in the cloud from any device which is logged in with your Google account, so it's super handy! Find out more about Google Drive.

Here's how to backup SMS to Google Drive...

  1. Ensure that the Google Drive app is installed on your Android
  2. Open Transfer Companion on your phone.
  3. Tap 'Export Messages'.
  4. Select a message conversation.
  5. Tap 'Export' > 'Save to Drive'.
  6. Your messages will be saved to your Google Drive in a PDF file named after the contact whose messages you're saving.

Please note that your messages will not be shared with any third party, PDF creation is done locally on your device.

And then...


Transfer Companion:

Google Drive:

Backup Android text messages to Gmail

If you wish to export a message or messages via email (you can even email yourself), Transfer Companion can do this too! Simply select your message conversation, and export via any email service you use on your Android. In this example, I shared my SMS via Gmail:

  1. Open Transfer Companion on your Android phone.
  2. Tap 'Export Messages'.
  3. Select a message conversation.
  4. Tap 'Export' > 'Gmail'.
  5. The conversation will be attached to the email as a PDF.

The PDF file containing your messages is created locally on your device and will only be shared with the contact you choose to email.


Transfer Companion:

Backup text messages to Dropbox

Like Google Drive, Dropbox is a cloud storage service. Find out more about Dropbox. If you have Dropbox installed on your Android, you can backup text messages to it using Transfer Companion:

  1. Open Transfer Companion on your Android phone.
  2. Tap 'Export Messages'.
  3. Select a message conversation.
  4. Tap 'Export' > 'Add to Dropbox'.
  5. Your messages will be saved to your Dropbox account in a PDF file.

As before it's worth noting that your messages will not be shared with any third party, PDF creation is done locally on your device.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive >


Transfer Companion:


Save Android Messages to OneDrive

As you can guess, Transfer Companion can save your text messages to any cloud storage service that you have available on your Android. The final cloud storage service I will mention is Microsoft's effort - OneDrive. Find out more about OneDrive.

Here's how to save Android SMS to OneDrive:

  1. Open Transfer Companion on your Android phone.
  2. Tap 'Export Messages'.
  3. Select a message conversation.
  4. Tap 'Export' > 'OneDrive'.


Transfer Companion:


PC - Droid Transfer

  • Transfer Call Logs and Calendars - FREE.
  • Copy 100 Music and Photo items from Android to PC - FREE.
  • Copy the first 5 messages of any conversation to your PC - FREE.
  • Browse Android Contacts and Files - FREE.

On your Windows PC, go to this address to download Droid Transfer...

If you prefer, we can email the Droid Transfer download link to you so you can quickly download the software when you are on your PC. To receive a download link please enter your email address here and click 'Send'

Note: We won't share your EMail address with anyone else.

Save Android text messages to computer

The methods that we have covered already have been accomplished by using only the Transfer Companion app. These final 2 methods are a little more involved, and for these we are using the PC software 'Droid Transfer' as well as our Transfer Companion. Droid Transfer can copy messages from your Android to computer, but can also manage and transfer other data like music, photos and contacts!

Let's see how we can save Android SMS to computer:

  1. Launch Droid Transfer on your PC.
  2. Open Transfer Companion on your Android phone and connect via USB or Wifi.
  3. Click the Messages header in Droid Transfer and select a message conversation.
  4. Choose to 'Save PDF', 'Save HTML', 'Save Text' or 'Print'.

Transfer Companion:

Droid Transfer:

The great thing about Droid transfer is that you can save all message conversations at once, rather than only one at a time. You can even make a backup of your messages, keeping them safe if you should ever need to restore them to your phone or... transfer them to a new Android phone.

Check out our full guide: How to save Android messages to computer.

Or watch it in action...

Transfer text messages to new phone

Oh! See that smooth lead into this method there? That's right, using Droid Transfer, you can easily transfer text messages from your old Android device to your new Android. To do this, you need to make a backup of your Android Messages on your old Android device - then, you can restore the messages to your new Android phone.

You don't need to worry about deletion or duplication of messages on your new device either - Droid transfer intelligently handles these cases so that you are left with a perfectly merged message list on your new device.

Transfer Companion:

Droid Transfer:

Check out our full guide: How to transfer text messages from Android to Android