Waveform Music Player: Settings and Customization

Waveform Music Player provides many key options which allow you to get the most out of the app for your specific needs.

Click the Settings item (also marked with a 'cog' icon) in the feature bar on the left of the app to access the Settings menu.

Then, click any header under Settings to reveal that group of options.

Waveform Settings cog icon

At the bottom of the Settings page, you can see the version number of Waveform that you are using. This can be handy to know to check for updates, and/or troubleshooting.

Copying Music Settings

Options to allow you to set how music is copied to your PC from your iPhone.

Waveform Music Settings

Display Settings

Options to determine how your music is shown within Waveform.

Waveform Music Display Settings

Artwork Settings

Control how album artwork is displayed and download missing artwork.

Waveform Music Artwork Settings

General Settings

Waveform General app Settings