How to Copy Music from iPhone to PC

Copying music from an iPhone, iPad or iPod to a PC is impossible without help.
Since iTunes only allows you to transfer tracks purchased through the iTunes Store to your PC, we'll instead use Waveform Music Player to copy any music (purchased through iTunes Store, or not) from iPhone to your computer.

Waveform Music Player is 100% Free!

Transferring music from iPhone to PC

Take full control of your music library with Waveform Music Player. Follow the simple steps below to copy music from iPhone to Windows PC, absolutely free...

  1. Launch Waveform on your PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Select your iPhone from the menu to the left of the Waveform app.
  4. Select the music you want to copy from iPhone to PC (ctrl-click or shift-click to select multiple tracks/albums/artists - find out more about selecting your music below).
  5. With your desired music selected, click "Copy to PC" in the toolbar at the top of Waveform. Copying music from iPhone to PC using Waveform
  6. Finally, choose where on your PC you'd like to save your selected music to and hit "Select Folder".

Tips & Tricks: Selecting music to copy

There are a number of ways to select music to copy from your iPhone to your PC. Depending on your requirements, some may be better than others...

Accessing the copied music on PC

Once you've copied music from iPhone to PC, this music will automatically be available in the "This PC" section in Waveform.

By copying your music from your iPhone, iPod and/or iPad in this way, you can easily combine your music libraries from multiple devices all in one easy-to-manage place!

Further, if you get a new iPhone, it's super easy to copy your music library from your PC to the new device with Waveform!