Create, Edit & Delete Playlists on PC

Creating playlists is a fantastic way to organize your music library into personalized groups. Where you need music for relaxing, for gym energy or for an event like a wedding, you can create a playlist on your PC using Waveform Music Player.

Waveform Music Player is 100% Free!

Create a playlist and add music

Without a helpful music player like Waveform, you'd not be able to sort your music into playlists!

Waveform makes it super easy - here's how to create a new playlist on your PC:

  1. Launch Waveform and select "This PC" to access your music library on your PC.
  2. Select "Playlists".
  3. Click "Create Playlist". Here you can enter a name for your playlist and a description of the purpose of the playlist. Once entered, hit "Create". Create a new playlist on PC with Waveform Music Player
  4. Now that you have a playlist ready, you can populate it with your music. Click "Songs" to view all the tracks in your library. Now, select all the tracks you want to add to your new playlist (to select multiple tracks, hold 'ctrl' on your keyboard while clicking tracks).
  5. With your desired tracks selected, right-click on of those selected tracks and click "Copy to Playlist...", then select the playlist you want to add the tracks to. Add tracks to a playlist on PC

That's it! To access your new playlist, click "Playlists", then select the title of your new playlist.

What else can I do with my playlists?

Accessing and playing a newly created playlist in Waveform