Find the Tracks not in iTunes
TouchCopy 12
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TouchCopy is able to generate Reports based on your iPod content and copy history to make it easier for you to select which items need to be copied and which do not.




TouchCopy can generate the following reports...

Items To Be Copied

Generates a list of songs and video that have not been copied to your computer or iTunes. If songs are selected from this list and then copied, those songs are automatically removed from this report.

Not in iTunes

When this report is selected, TouchCopy will analyze what content is in your local iTunes library and compare it against the iPod contents. TouchCopy will present a list of items that are present on your iPod but not in your iTunes library.

This is useful when your iTunes library already contains some of your iPod content but you are not sure what.

You can select the tracks shown in this report and then click "Copy to iTunes". This then copies to iTunes all the missing tracks.

Items Copied

Generates a list of songs that have either been copied to your computer or transferred into iTunes.

Refreshing Report Contents

To re-generate the report currently being viewed, click "Refresh Report" at the top of the song list.

Clearing Reports

To remove all reports from your iPod, click the "Clear History" button at the bottom right hand side of the TouchCopy window.