How to Manage your Transfer History
TouchCopy 12
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Copy History

As a track is successfully copied, TouchCopy will mark the track on your iPod as copied. Whenever you connect your iPod to TouchCopy - TouchCopy will detect the music you have previously and successfully copied. These allow you to know which tracks have been copied and which have not.

Tracks can be marked with one of the following icons...

pass Track was successfully copied to your iTunes including all the meta data.

yellow Track was successfully copied to iTunes, however some of the meta data could not be transferred.

failed Track could not be copied to iTunes.

Note that if you previously copied your iPod to your computer hard drive with TouchCopy and now you wish to copy your iPod to iTunes (or the other way around) you should clear the history of copied tracks, as TouchCopy does not differentiate between history of copying to PC or iTunes.


If you attempt to copy a track that is already marked as copied, you may see this window...

History Recopy

Here you can specify how you would like to handle previously copied music. You can change this setting at any time using TouchCopy Options. Click Continue to then proceed with the copy or transfer operation.

Clear Copy History

If for some reason you need to copy your iPod again and your selection contains tracks that have previously been copied, TouchCopy enables you to skip tracks already copied or recopy them.

You can clear the history of successfully copied tracks in TouchCopy by clicking on the "Clear History" button on the bottom of the TouchCopy screen.