Playing iPod Music and Video
TouchCopy 12
User Manual

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TouchCopy Manual.

Playing iPod Music and Video using TouchCopy

TouchCopy can play your music directly off your iPod or iOS device through your computer.

Once you have made your song selections pressing the play button will play all of your selected songs in order. Pressing your space bar also plays / pauses. Alternatively, double-clicking a song in the song list will play that song and any subsequent songs in the list.

The playback progress slider at the top of the window shows you have for through the track TouchCopy has progressed.

Playback information in TouchCopy

Clicking and dragging the Time Tracker will move you backwards or forwards in the track you are playing. The Time Remaining and Time Played values will be updated as you do this to aid you. Releasing the Time Tracker will continue to play the track from that point.

You may continue to browse your music library and perform other operations (i.e. copy / transfer, search) while your music is playing. Pause your playback by hitting the Pause button, resume play by hitting the play button again. You may skip to the next track in your selection by hitting the Next button.

The volume at which the music is played back can be set in TouchCopy Options.


Snap Back arrow in TouchCopy

Like iTunes, TouchCopy enables you snap back to the song currently playing in TouchCopy. If you start playing a track and then continue to browse around your music collection in TouchCopy, the TouchCopy snap back arrow appears.

Snap back arrow

To snap back to the currently playing song just click on the snap back arrow in TouchCopy. Note that the snap back arrow only appears while a song is playing.

Music Failing To Play

Occasionally, a music file on your iPod may not play. Your iPod will skip over such a track until it finds one in the play sequence that it can play. Also, occasionally you may find that none of your DRM protected music will play on your iPod - your iPod will also skip those tracks also.

TouchCopy follows this same behaviour. If TouchCopy detects a track that your iPod will skip playing then it will mark the track with a icon - fail play TouchCopy will then skip to the next track.

In order to fix a corrupted music file on your iPod you will have to re-write that file back onto the iPod from iTunes. If your iPod is skipping all your DRM protected music you will need to re-sync your iPod to iTunes once your iTunes has been authorized with your iTunes music store account.

Music that is failing to play in TouchCopy will be added to the TouchCopy "Failed to play" Log. See Error Logs for further details.