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TouchCopy 12
User Manual

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The Notes editor allows you to view and export notes on your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Opening the Note Editor

Notes To view the notes available on your iPod or iOS device, click "Notes" in the TouchCopy categories list.

This will display the Note editor. On the left side, you can select what Note you'd like to see displayed on the viewing area on the right. You can also use the search function to find a particular note in your device.

Notes Toolbar

Save the selected Note/Notes from your iDevice to your computer by clicking Copy Note, or by right-clicking a note or group of notes you want to copy, and then clicking "Copy Note...". This will create a text file for each note on your machine.

Viewing Notes On Your iPod

To view Notes on a click wheel iPod select Extras from your main iPod menu, then select Notes. Your iPod will need to be disconnected from your computer before you can access the main iPod menu.

On iOS based devices, notes are viewed using the "Notes" application on the device.