How to set my iPod into Disk Mode
TouchCopy 12
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Setting your iPod into Disk Mode for TouchCopy.

If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad and TouchCopy is not able to find your device, please see this updated support article for assistance...

What to do if Touch Copy does not detect my iPod.

If you don't have iTunes installed and you own a scroll wheel or shuffle iPod - you need to set your iPod into "Disk Use Mode". If when starting TouchCopy you get a message indicating that your iPod cannot be found but your iPod is connected it may be that your iPod is not configured for "Disk Use".

Please note that these instructions do not apply for the iPod Touch/iPhone, as iTunes needs to be installed on your computer for TouchCopy to be able to work with these devices.

You can set your iPod to disk use mode without using iTunes. Follow these instructions...

Make sure your iPod is disconnected from your computer.

Reset iPod

Reset your iPod by pressing and holding the center key and Menu key. You need to hold these keys down together for about 5 seconds until your iPod resets.

Boot Disk Mode

As your iPod resets the Apple logo appears on the screen, press and hold the center key and Play/Pause key together until a check mark appears on the iPod screen. You can now let go of the iPod keys.

Now connect your iPod to your computer.