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How to Backup Android Messages to PC

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How to Backup Android Messages to PC

Backup & Restore: This feature is currently unavailable in Droid Transfer, due to changes in Google's Play Store policies.


As we store more and more precious and personal data on our phones, it's becoming increasingly important to keep that data safe. One of the best things you can do to secure your data is make regular backups. Accidentally deleted a message or conversation? Do you have a new phone which you would like to transfer your messages to? Droid Transfer can help with all of the above, and more!


Droid Transfer can copy and transfer music, messages, photos and more from your Android phone to your PC. Let see how we can back up your messages...

  1. Download and install Droid Transfer (link below)
  2. Connect to your Android Device using the steps shown in our Start Guide.
  3. Click Messages in the features listed in Droid Transfer.
  4. Click 'Backup & Restore', then 'Backup'.
  5. Choose to backup all conversations, or select the ones that you require.
  6. Click 'Backup'.

You can download the free demo of Droid Transfer below, allowing you to trial the software.

Free Droid Transfer Download
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Detailed Steps

Run Droid Transfer on your PC and connect to your Android Device running Transfer Companion as described in our Setup Guide.

In the Droid Transfer window on your computer, click the Messages Icon - Droid Transfer will display all of the message conversations on your Android Device.

Click the 'Backup & Restore' button in the toolbar at the top of Droid Transfer on your PC.

Backup messages from android phone to computer

Then hit 'Backup' on the screen that follows.

Backup and Restore messages

You will then be presented with the option to 'Backup All Conversations' or Backup Selected Conversations. If you choose to backup selected conversations, ensure all required conversations are checked. You can right-click on the conversation list to access 'Include All' and 'Exclude All' options to help with this process.

Backup android message conversations

Once you are happy with your selections, click the 'Backup' button.

Finally, you will be presented with the standard Windows screen, allowing you to choose a location on your computer to save your messages to.

The Backup File

The messages will be saved as a '.mbf' (messages backup file). This file is encrypted for security, and so you will not be able to open and view messages in the file. This option is purely for safekeeping of your messages, and it is necessary if you wish to restore messages to your phone, or to a new phone!

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If you instead need to be able to view and use the saved messages on your computer, you can save messages as PDF, text, or HTML >

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