Tune Sweeper - Clean Up your iTunes library.

Remove duplicates from your iTunes library.

Tune Sweeper lists all the tracks in iTunes that are not on your computer.

Why does iTunes show an exclamation mark next to my music?

Have you ever come across the 'missing track' problem in iTunes? You double click on a track in iTunes to play it and nothing happens. A small exclamation mark appears next to the track. Why?

When an exclamation mark appears next to your music when the item listed in iTunes is no longer available on your computer. The file is missing.

You have to wonder how much more of the music in your iTunes library is also missing don't you? You cannot tell until you try playing the music in iTunes!

Tune Sweeper can help you. Tune Sweeper will scan your iTunes library for music that is no longer on your hard disk. Tune Sweeper will display all these tracks in one place. Then, Tune Sweeper can remove the broken links from your iTunes library.

With Tune Sweeper - you never have to worry about exclamation marks appearing in iTunes again.

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