How do I remove duplicate files using Duplicate Sweeper?

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How do I remove duplicate files using Duplicate Sweeper?

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How do I remove duplicate files using Duplicate Sweeper


To remove duplicate files using Duplicate Sweeper, follow these steps...

  1. Download, install and launch Duplicate Sweeper.
  2. Add the folders that you wish to search for duplicate files in and then press "Start Duplicate Search".
  3. Review the found duplicates and mark the files that you wish to be removed.
  4. Press "Recycle Selected Duplicates" and then confirm that you wish to remove the selected duplicates.
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Detailed Steps

Duplicate Sweeper remove duplicate files

To add folders for Duplicate Sweeper to search, you can drag and drop them from your computer into the Duplicate Sweeper window, or use the "Add Folder" button.

When your folders have been added, hit "Start Duplicate Search". The program will sweep all of your chosen files to find duplicates.

If duplicates have been found, they'll be listed under the "Duplicate Groups" column header. Each duplicate group will have a total number of duplicates (the number in the grey box)

You can then manually select each duplicate group, and tick the duplicate files which you would like to remove.

Alternatively, you can allow Duplicate Sweeper to automatically select which duplicate files to remove. To do this, click "Duplicates" in the Duplicate Sweeper toolbar, then click either "Keep Newest Files" or "Keep Oldest Files".

When you have selected files, the number of files to be removed will now show in a red box in the duplicate group.

Once you're happy with your selections, hit "Recycle Selected Duplicates", then confirm the removal, and your files will be sent to your Recycle Bin.

Please see our Duplicate Sweeper User guide for detailed instructions on how to use Duplicate Sweeper.

Also our Duplicate Sweeper tutorial video, which goes through the steps of finding and removing duplicates using Duplicate Sweeper.

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Latest Comments

Kathleen Lickiss wrote...
After I hit recycle duplicates once in each window, do the duplicates disappear from the duplicate groups list, or only after you run a new search?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Kathleen Lickiss I can confirm that after removing your duplicates, the removed duplicates will also disappear from the duplicate groups list. Therefore, you should not need to research the same location.
Mike Robles wrote...
when i try remove the files it states invalid path .to send them to then asked me for a folder to send them to...i just want to delete them by one if i have to ...
Mick O`Toole wrote...
I`ve run Duplicate sweeper three times and it removed all my photos to the recycle bin every time.I have followed all the instructions every time but to no avail. I have tune sweeper which works ok but this isn't very good.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Mick O`Toole I am sorry to hear this. Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk detailing the version of Duplicate Sweeper that you are using. Please also detail whether the removed files are displayed in the list of duplicates that are shown when asked to confirm that you wish to remove those duplicates. This will better enable us to investigate this issue.
Dian Huddle wrote...
Twice now I have run the Duplicate Sweeper to remove duplicate pictures on my computer. Both times after it ran the sweep I cannot find most of my pictures - the file folders are empty. I had selected Keep Newest Files then hit Recycle Selected Duplicates. Why were all of the pictures removed to the recycle bin?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Dian Huddle Duplicate Sweeper should display a list of the files that will be removed before performing the removal. Please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk confirming whether all of your files (including those that are not marked for removal) are displayed here. Please also detail which version of Duplicate Sweeper and Windows you are using.
Al Thomson wrote...
How can I tell if it's safe to empty my recycle bin? I presume any contents are all duplicates.
cnrockit wrote...
When you click delete selected files why do you often get the message \"cant delete becuse it's open in duplicate sweeper\"? This is nonsense and counter intuitive if the same program has kept it open. It's open read only by your programme to display the contents. Its really frustrating that this wasnt checked for and eliminated.
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@cnrockit This is very unusual. We will investigate this issue further. Can you please open a support ticket on our online helpdesk and provide additional information including which version of Duplicate Sweeper you are using and whether it is the Mac or PC version. Thank you.
Zach wrote...
Hi. I'm trying out your demo of Duplicate Sweeper & am mostly interested in removing duplicate songs in iTunes. I noticed that after the search was done, it automatically checked all the duplicate songs to remove. Unfortunately it wants to remove the original file & keep the copies that have a number after the song title. For example: \"let it be\" would be erased but \"let it be 1\" will remain. I'd rather keep the non numberede song. Is there a way I can do that?
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Zach We would recommend using Tune Sweeper to remove tracks from iTunes as this will also remove the listing in iTunes. In Duplicate Sweeper however, select 'Keep Oldest Files' in the Duplicates menu to ensure the original files are kept.
Jim Reid wrote...
I have been able to identify the duplicate files but have been unable to erase the duplicates. I even purchased the upgrade. What should I do next? (The YouTube video went too fast to understand.)
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Jim Reid You can view the Duplicate Sweeper user manual here for more information on how to remove duplicates from your PC/Mac. If you require further assistance, Please can you contact our Helpdesk.
Frank Arena wrote...
no code
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Frank Arena Please can you contact our Helpdesk for further assistance.
Beth wrote...
I have Tune Sweeper and it is not deleting the duplicates from my itunes library. It shows the duplicates, it marks them but when I go back to my library they are still there. I just bought the software and at this point am not satisfied. Please advise if there is something I'm doing wrong
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Beth Please see the following support article which may be able to assist you further...
otis wrote...
how do I remove duplicate tracks from my iTunes folder
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@otis To remove content from your iTunes folder, simply add that folder to Duplicate Sweeper and then perform the search. Any found duplicates can then be removed. Please note that Duplicate Sweeper will not remove the track listings from your iTunes library. I would highly recommend checking out our other product Tune Sweeper as it is specialized towards removing duplicate tracks from iTunes and your PC/Mac.