TouchCopy 11
User Manual

Transferring iPhone Messages

Messages To view SMS and MMS content on your iOS device, click the Messages icon in the category list in TouchCopy.

TouchCopy displays a list of contacts with whom you have had SMS conversations. Clicking on the contact in the list shows the text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages sent and received in that conversation.

With a contact selected and a conversation displayed, click "Copy to PC" or "Copy to Mac" in the TouchCopy control bar to save that conversation to your computer.

TouchCopy will copy the SMS conversation into a .html file, which is saved by default on your computer desktop in the iPod Content folder under a sub-folder titled message. You can change the location where your conversation is stored by using TouchCopy options.

Each .html file containing the conversations is named after the individual contact with whom you had the conversations. You can open this .html file using a browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

If your conversations also contain images or pictures (MMS), TouchCopy will also copy these to your computer and embed them in the .html file saved.

Note that TouchCopy will only copy your SMS and MMS from your iPhone to your computer hard drive. You cannot copy these messages back to your iPhone with TouchCopy. Also note that copying of iMessages is currently not supported.