Wide Angle Software joins Stripe Climate Pledge

Committed to helping remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with your help

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Wide Angle Software Stripe climate pledge


At Wide Angle Software, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to reduce their greenhouse emissions and to invest in innovative technologies to help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. To show our commitment to tackling climate change, we are pledging 1% of credit and debit card sales on our store into Stripe Climate, investing in permanent CO2 removal projects.

As well as cutting greenhouse emissions, CO2 removal projects are vital to keep global temperature rises within ~1.5 °C, a target set at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in Glasgow.

By being one the thousands of businesses that have joined the pledge to invest in the early technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, we believe that we can help bring the cost of carbon-removal solutions down and enable them to scale up quickly.

Stripe Climate

Stripe Climate is an initiative by the leading internet payment processing company, Stripe. It provides a way for businesses that use Stripe's payment processing platform to directly contribute a percentage of their revenue to carbon removal projects, aimed at reaching scale that no single business can do alone.

Carbon Removal projects vary from tree planting, altering agricultural practices to produce negative emissions, to more advanced technological approaches which can capture CO2 from the air and turn it into Calcium Carbonate Pellets.

Wide Angle Software pledge 1% revenue to combat climate change

Projects involved with Stripe Climate Pledge

Since 2020, Stripe Climate has been investing in multidisciplinary groups of scientific projects to help scale Carbon Removal and help remove 6 gigatons of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere by 2050. Here are some of the projects supported by Stripe Climate.

Charm Industrial

The first beneficiary of Stripe Climate was Charm Industrial. Charm's carbon removal pathway includes converting biomass into bio-oil, which is then injected underground for permanent geological storage. In 2021, Charm Industrial removed 416 tons of CO2 on behalf of Stripe Climate businesses.


Since September 2021, Climeworks has been operating the world's first large-scale direct air CO2 capture facility. Their CO2 collectors selectively capture Carbon Dioxide in a two-step process. First, air is collected through a fan and CO2 is captured through a highly selective filter inside the collectors. Once filtered, the collector is closed, and the temperature is increased to between 80° and 100°C. This releases carbon dioxide, which is then captured and turned into stone through a rapid mineralization process, then stored safely underground. Climeworks will remove 322 tons of CO2 for Stripe Climate.


We at Wide Angle Software are excited to be part of this important initiative, along with over 25,000 environmentally conscious businesses from 39 countries. When purchasing products from our webstore, you will now see the Stripe Climate badge at the checkout. We're grateful to our customers for playing their part in helping the environment by purchasing our products.