iBackup Extractor
User Manual

Voice Mail

iBackup Extractor allows you to play and copy Voice Mail messages you have backed up from your iPhone.
To view all Voice Mails stored on your iPhone backup, click the Voice Mail button in iBackup Extractor.

Displaying and Browsing Voice Mails

iBackup Extractor displays a list of people or senders who have sent you Voice Mail. Clicking on a name in the list displays the messages sent only by that person.

iBackup Extractor also highlights those voice mails that have not yet been listened to on your iPhone and those voice mails that you have deleted from your iPhone. You can click on the "Deleted" or "Unplayed" entries in the senders list to view just the voice mails under those categories.

Playing Back Voice Mail

Select which voice mail you want to play by selecting one or more entries in the messages list and click "Play" in the Voice Mail browser. iBackup Extractor will then play your selected Voice Mails in order - one after the other.

Extract Voice Mail to your PC

Select one or more Voice Mail messages from the list and click "Extract Voice Mail..." in the Voice Mail browser.

If you do not select any individual messages to copy, iBackup Extractor will copy all the voice mails currently listed.

You will also be prompted to choose the location to which the voice mail will be copied.