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Introduction - iBackup Extractor

iBackup Extractor is designed to find all your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad backups stored on your computer and to provide an easy access to the data stored in them. You can explore your iPhone backups and view and extract your Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Messages, Photos, Internet browsing history and your iPhone call logs.

iTunes creates a backup of your iOS device data whenever it syncs to your device. With iBackup Extractor, you can browse through the contents of these backups, without needing to connect the device itself.

With a single-click, you can extract any file from your iOS device backup. Simply download and install iBackup Extractor as detailed in our Quick Start Guide, choose the file you wish to extract and click "Copy".

iBackup Extractor also enables you to restore your iOS device from a previous backup.

These help pages will guide you through using iBackup Extractor and its multiple features.

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Demo Restrictions

The demo of iBackup Explorer only allows up to 20 items to be transferred.

This restriction is removed when the demo is registered.

Terms and Conditions

See iBackup Extractor's Terms and Conditions for more information on Demo restrictions and more.