iBackup Extractor
User Manual

iBackup Extractor User Manual


Welcome to the iBackup Extractor User Manual. This document will guide you through the steps to using iBackup Extractor to view and retrieve files from your iTunes backups.

Table of Contents

Learn about iBackup Extractor, the application that lets you extract and explore iOS Backup Archives on your PC or Mac.
Find out iOS device and system requirements to run iBackup Extractor.
Quick Start Guide
A quick guide on how to use iBackup Extractor, and some of its features.
iBackup Extractor files icon
Backup Explorer
Access your the file system of your iOS device backup. View and copy files on your backup, otherwise inaccessible through normal means.
iBackup Extractor Voicemail icon
Call Logs
Access your backed up iPhone call logs using iBackup Extractor, and copy them to your computer.
iBackup Extractor Calendar icon
View backed up calendars and save them to your machine with iBackup Extractor.
iBackup Extractor contacts icon
View backed up contacts and save them to your PC using iBackup Extractor.
iBackup Extractor photos icon
View and retrieve photos from your iOS device backup.
iBackup Extractor internet icon
View and retrieve internet history and bookmarks from your iOS device backup.
iBackup Extractor messages icon
View SMS, MMS and message conversations stored in your iOS backup with iBackup Extractor. Save selected conversations to your computer as web pages (HTML files).
iBackup Extractor notes icon
View and retrieve notes from your iOS device backup using iBackup Extractor.
iBackup Extractor backup restore icon
Creating and Restoring Backups using iBackup Extractor
Use iBackup Extractor to create backups of your iOS device. The program also enables you to restore any existing backup onto your iPod, iPad or iPhone.