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How to Backup Android Call logs

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Call logs are important on your device, as they provide info on all instances of phone calls made to and from your phone. This data includes the contact's name (or number if they are not saved as a contact in your device), as well as time, date, duration and whether a call was made, missed, or unanswered.

It is worth noting that if you open your calls app on your phone, you may not see all of your call logs. This is because, depending on your device, your phone will only show a certain number of your call entries - most Android phones are limited to storing a maximum of 500 call logs. If you need to keep a record of your older call logs, we recommend using an app like Droid Transfer to backup a record of your call history to your computer at regular intervals so that this information isn't lost when it gets overwritten on your device.

Here's how backup your Android phone call history to your PC...


Droid Transfer can backup your Android phone's call logs as detailed below...

  1. Download Droid Transfer and connect your Android device (Set up Droid Transfer)
  2. Open the "Call Logs" tab from the feature list.
  3. Select a Contact Name to display the call history.
  4. Click "Copy Call Logs", "Save PDF" or "Save CSV".
  5. Select a save location on your computer, then Save!
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Back up Call Logs as HTML, PDF or CSV

To backup Call Logs to your computer as HTML, PDF or CSV files, Droid Transfer is needed. Simply connect Transfer Companion with Droid Transfer, go to 'Call Logs'. From here choose the contact or number whose call logs you wish to save and click on either 'Copy Call Logs' to save your call history as a HTML file, 'Save PDF', or 'Save CSV' in Droid Transfer.

Backup Call Log Android phone to computer

Call History export formats:

  • Copy Call Logs: save your selected call logs as HTML files. HTML files can be opened in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Save PDF: saves your call logs in the popular format "PDF" (Portable Document Format).
  • Save CSV: exports your call logs as Comma Separated Values. You can open such files in spreadsheet management programs like Microsoft Excel.

Print Call Logs

To print a copy of your call logs, simply click on 'Print' in the Call Logs functionality in Droid Transfer, as shown in the screenshot above. Printed call log information includes the contact name, dates and times calls were made and received, and call duration.

Printed call logs are useful for a variety of different reasons including presenting evidence in legal court cases.

The call log functionality is available in the free trial version of Droid Transfer. To view the trial limitations please visit the download page below.

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