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Music Tag Manual

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How to use Music Tag:

1. Download and Install Music Tag.

2. Start Music Tag by double-clicking the Music Tag icon on your desktop.

Add Files to the program:

When the program launches, you will be greeted by this window.

Music Tag welcome page

Connecting iconAt the bottom right, you can see the progress of the connectivity test. Until this test is complete, you will not be able to use the online functionality of the program.

Connected iconIf the test was successful, a green connected sign will be displayed.

Offline iconIf the connectivity test failed, the offline sign will be shown. You will not be able to use the online functionality of the program.

On the left side, you can add files to Music Tag by dragging and dropping folders or music files, or by using the controls at the top.

The program will attempt to find any files in the folders provided, and proceed to scan them. Let's add a group of files without any tag data.

Add files to Music Tag

Once you have added the files, selecting any of them will open the tag view on the right side, where you can see and edit the data on the file. The files shown below have no information in them. By selecting the files you can download missing track information by clicking the Download Missing Info button.

Download missing information to music tracks

As each file's data is retrieved, you can browse the data, while the download continues in the background. At any point you can stop the download, or revert the downloaded data, should you prefer to keep the original. Often, files will have multiple hits.

Arrow pointing left You can navigate through these by using the left and right arrows.

Navigate through suggested track information

Note that you can modify the data retrieved from the Internet, by changing the data displayed on the text boxes.

When you are happy with the data retrieved, you can save the data back into the Music File by right-clicking the file list and selecting Save All Tags, or individual files. This can also be achieved in the Tags menu on the menu bar, or the Save Changes button.

The files will now be changed, as you can see below.

Save missing information to your tracks

You can now close the program, or proceed to further modify the data retrieved.

Gain full control over your music data!

You can also tag the music files in your iTunes library.

For more information on how to add files to Music Tag, save tags and revert back to the original tags see the File List section of the user guide. For further info, also see sections on Downloading Tags, Modifying Tags and how to download Cover Art.