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How to manually alter music files:

Using Music Tag, you can download the missing data for your music files but, if you so wish, it is also possible for you to manually edit that information. To do this, all you have to do is select a file from the File List, and start editing!


The file list holds all the files added to Music Tag, and allows you to save, revert, delete and add files to it. Due to all the functionality built in to it, this page details how to accomplish certain tasks, to make usage simple.

Download track information to your music

Say you want to change the album, or you have no data and want to fill it in yourself, or you want to leave a comment so you can remember something about the song. By filling it in on the Tag Data View, you can save it back to the tags, and keep those changes.

Manually or auromatically save tags to your music

Notice that the file you modified has been marked red. This means a change has been made, and in order to keep it, you need to save the file.