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iTunes CPU Redux - Reduce the amount of processor usage iTunes uses.

Reduce the amount of resources iTunes uses on your PC.

  • Monitors iTunes and services running on your PC.
  • Automatically closes services no longer required.
  • Reduces the overall load on your processor.
  • Saves battery life on your laptop.
  • Completely free.
Download iTunes CPU Redux

Requirements : Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
Microsoft .NET framework 4.5. iTunes 10 or higher.
Download Size : 700KB approx.

Reduce the load on your PC when running iTunes

iTunes is a great app for organizing your media collection and when it comes to managing your iPod or iPhone media content its second to none. But...

The Problem...

...iTunes on the PC is a big piece of software. Sometimes iTunes seems to take a large chunk of your PCs system resources to perform relatively simple tasks. Have you noticed that when you run iTunes your laptop fan starts spinning or your computer can appear slower and your CPU resource drops?

Try this - right click on your windows Task bar and select Task Manager from the pop-up menu.

A windows opens showing you all the programs and processes running on your PC. Click on the column heading 'CPU'. All the programs are listed in order of the amount of processing power they are using. (CPU stands for Central Processing Unit). The program at the top of the list will be using the most of your processor resource. If your computer is using a high percentage of CPU - the harder it is working. This usually means that your system might slow down, will get hotter and so will start fans running and will definitely reduce your battery life between charges.

Normal CPU usage

Now start iTunes and see how much your CPU usage increases!

CPU usage with iTunes running

As well as running iTunes - a number of other programs could start up - all of which increase your CPU usage. These include 'MobileDeviceService', 'MobileDeviceHelper', 'SyncServer' and 'distnoted'. In our examples - our CPU usage increased from 2% to 13% when we opened iTunes and we haven't even started playing any music yet!

Now - close iTunes and keep an eye on your CPU usage in Task Manager. CPU usage actually increases!

CPU usage on iTunes close

In our example - up to 25%! The two programs with the highest CPU figures are 'SyncServer' and 'distnoted' - both of which are launched by iTunes. We just closed iTunes though remember. We're now using more CPU than when iTunes was actually running!

The Solution...

iTunes CPU Redux logoiTunes CPU Redux is a small utility that sits in your Windows tool tray looking to see what iTunes processes are running and works out if you actually need them running or not. If the processes are not needed - it stops them running - saving you valuable CPU resources.

iTunes CPU Redux sits in the background on your PC working away to make your iTunes experience more satisfying. However, you can customize the apps operation through the simple settings panel...

iTunes CPU Redux interface

Download and install iTunes CPU Redux today...

Download iTunes CPU Redux