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Update to the latest version of iBackup Extractor (Windows)

The latest version of iBackup Extractor PC is 22.11.28

Update to the latest version for new features and performance updates.

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What's new in iBackup Extractor?

We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to iBackup Extractor.

iBackup Extractor 22.11.28 13th Decemebr 2022

Improvement Able to browse all images in a messages conversation and save / preview those images.

Improvement Add new media player for improved audio and video playback.

Improvement Added support for rich content in WhatsApp messages.

Improvement Optionally checks for product updates on start up.

Fixes Other bug fixes.

iBackup Extractor 22.11.18 25th November 2022

Enhancements Add print function to print messages and more directly from iBackup Extractor.

iBackup Extractor 22.11.14 17th November 2022

Fixes Fixes some reminders not showing.

iBackup Extractor 22.11.01 11th November 2022

Fixes Fixes message dates being incorrect when conversation exported.

Fixes Fixes message export language when running TouchCopy in a non-English language.

Enhancements Add general settings options to Settings window.

Enhancements Allow the user to change interface language.

Enhancements Add image controls inline with messages.

Enhancements Add ability to select multiple categories in Backup Media feature.

iBackup Extractor 22.10.25 1st November 2022

Fixes Fixes and improvements.

Enhancements Allow selection of multiple folders in backup explorer.

iBackup Extractor 24th October 2022

Fixes Fixes and general improvements.

iBackup Extractor 18th August 2022

Fixes Fixes in reading Call Logs and Calendars.

Enhancements Improve performance of Backup Media Reading

iBackup Extractor 29th July 2022

Enhancements Bug fixes and performance updates.

iBackup Extractor 26th July 2022

Feature Added support for Windows 11.

Feature Brand-new interface.

iBackup Extractor 3.27 28th February 2022

Fixes Fix Call Logs not showing unknown callers.

Enhancements Added Voice Memo support for encrypted device backups

Enhancements Added Japanese to language selection in Preferences and improve Japanese localization.

Enhancements Increased emoji support for Messages.

Enhancements Apply Date Created and Last Modified to copied Notes files.

Feature Added Enterprise license options.

iBackup Extractor 3.26 15th November 2021

Fixes Small bug fixes throughout.

iBackup Extractor 3.25 1st October 2021

Enhancements Added Croatian Language Support.

Enhancements Improved stability on some windows configurations

iBackup Extractor 3.24 16th September 2021

Fixes Fix WhatsApp conversations only showing first name of contact.

Fixes Fix Facetime calls not showing in Call Logs.

Enhancements Display sender details on sent messages.

Enhancements Show pinned messages conversations at the top of the contacts list.

iBackup Extractor 3.23 17th August 2021

Fixes Fix some emoji not saving in PDF documents when exporting messages.

Enhancements Display WhatsApp Call Logs.

Enhancements Can merge call logs into a single document when exporting.

Enhancements Can optionally show contact numbers in Call Logs.

iBackup Extractor 3.22 25th November 2020

Enhancements Minor bug fixes and improvements.

iBackup Extractor 3.21 19th November 2020

Enhancements Behind the scenes performance updates for accessing backups and activating iBackup Extractor.