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Update to the latest version of iBackup Extractor (Mac)

The latest version of iBackup Extractor Mac is 3.16.01

Update to the latest version for new features and performance updates.

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What's new in iBackup Extractor?

We've been busy! Check out the changelog below to see the main changes we have made in the most recent updates to iBackup Extractor.

Version 24.04.0423rd April 2024

    Fixes Updates for iOS 17.4.1

    Fixes Fix reading WhatsApp conversation.

Version 3.16.01 (27)6th March 2024

Fixes Fixes for iOS 17.4

Version 3.15.0 (24)8th January 2024

Fixes Display Notes images and Links correctly.

Fixes Fix Notes date created during HTML export.

Fixes Fix search behavior in Contacts.

Fixes Fix problem with line breaks in Contacts export.

Fixes Click download interactions in calendar event flyout menus.

Fixes Display correct AM/PM in some sections of Calendar.

Fixes Fix Files feature Delete and Create actions in demo mode.

Version 3.10.0 (22)31st January 2022

Fixes Fix Call Log not showing unknown callers.

Fixes Fix copy failures when switching between features during copy.

Fixes Fix crash when saving none specified location.

Fixes Prevent Apple Music tracks showing as downloaded to device.

Fixes Prevent crash when loading messages due to issue with image path.

Fixes Prevent Date Range icon disappearing once clearing date range.

Enhancements Add Voice Memo support for newer versions of iOS

Version 3.09.0 (21)11th January 2022

Fixes Fix option to limit number of days to preview messages.

Enhancements Add support for Line app messages.

Enhancements Ability to name message attachments based on received date rather than generic number.

Enhancements Add audio attachments with .caf extension support in messages.

Enhancements Detect iCloud photos in Messages.

Version 3.08.0 4th January 2022

Enhancements Fixed crash where content not saved if destination contained space characters.

Version 3.07.0 9th September 2021

Enhancements Fixed WhatsApp Conversations only showing the first name of a contact.

Enhancements Show conversations that are "pinned"

Enhancements Display sender details for sent messages.

Enhancements Added additional photo collection types. e.g. Bursts, Animated etc.

Enhancements Help button now context sensitive to what feature is currently selected.

Version 3.06.0 27th July 2021

Fixes Allow display of some links in Notes.

Version 3.05.0 24th June 2021

Enhancements Print messages directly from iBackup Extractor.

Enhancements Highlight found search terms in messages.

Enhancements Add ability to navigate through multiple selected images in image preview.

Enhancements Minor UI enhancements and alterations.

Version 3.04.0 17th June 2021

Fixes Enable backup password checks when using custom backup locations and restore custom backup location between runs.

Fixes Fix issue that may cause app to crash or hang when loading messages.

Enhancements Add search feature to Backup Explorer.

Enhancements Enable browsing of App Plugin domain and App Group files in Backup Explorer.

Version 3.02.0 9th June 2021

Fixes Maintain user selected toolbar styles over app runs.

Enhancements Order image thumbnails by date added to backup.

Enhancements Updated Touch Bar icons to match the toolbar icons in the app.

Version 3 26th March 2021

Major New Version

The latest in the iBackup Extractor series is born. iBackup Extractor 3 is a major new version is totally reworked with performance and user experience in mind.

iBackup Extractor is now running natively on M1 Apple Silicon Macs, boasts faster performance, a sleek new look and it couldn't be simpler to use.

It is compatible with backups of all iOS and iPadOS devices. You can use iBackup Extractor on any Mac using macOS 10.12 or higher. This version runs on older Intel-based Macs as well as M1 Apple Macs.