How to Fix Missing Artwork using Tune Sweeper 4

Missing Artwork

Tune Sweeper is able to detect all of the tracks in your iTunes library that do not currently have artwork. Tune Sweeper can then download artwork for the tracks you choose.

To see which tracks are missing artwork in your iTunes library, select the "Missing Artwork" tab at the top of Tune Sweeper. Tune Sweeper will then scan your iTunes library.

Missing artwork tab

Once Tune Sweeper has scanned your iTunes library, it will display all of the tracks with no artwork in a grid. The tracks will be grouped by album as the artwork will be the same for each track in that album.

Grid of tracks with missing artwork

Downloading Artwork

If you want to download artwork for all of the displayed albums, click the "Download All Missing Artwork" button in the top right corner of the Tune Sweeper window. Tune Sweeper will now attempt to download artwork for each album displayed.

Download and Save buttons

Saving Artwork

Once the artwork has been downloaded, you can then save all of the downloaded artwork to iTunes by selecting the "Save All Artwork to iTunes" button also located in the top right of the Tune Sweeper window. If you only wish to save a selection of artwork rather than all of it then please see the "Other Actions" section below.

Other Actions

You can select one or more albums and then right click on your selection. This will bring up a small popup menu with other actions that can be performed on individual albums.

Other actions menu

Download Artwork for selected This will download artwork only for the albums that you have selected.
Load Artwork from file This will allow you to load in an image from your hard drive for the selected album.
Save selected Artwork to iTunes This will save any downloaded artwork to iTunes, but only for the albums that you have selected.
Undo Downloaded Artwork This will clear any downloaded artwork from your currently selection should you not want to keep it.
Remove Artwork for selected This will remove artwork from the selected music files.