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Free Download Limitations

Please find below the limitations upon the trial version of iBackup Extractor:

Feature Free Version
Free Version
Full Version
Access and explore all files from iOS device backups on computer
Extract photos to computer * Up to 20 items Up to 20 items
Save messages and attachments to computer as HTML, PDF or text files First 5 messages in conversations First 6 messages in conversations
Copy calendars to computer as Vcard (Windows) or iCal (Mac) * Up to 20 items Up to 2 calendars
Copy call logs as HTML, PDF or CSV files * Up to 20 items Up to 1 call logs
Extract contacts to computer * Up to 20 items Up to 5 contacts
Save Internet History or Bookmarks as shortcuts * Up to 20 items
Copy notes to computer * Up to 20 items
Export Reminders as HTML, PDF or text files N/A ✓ (PC only)
Copy Voice Mails * Up to 20 items Up to 2 voice mails
Copy Voice Memos * Up to 20 items Up to 2 voice memos
Save Files to computer * Up to 20 items

* shared restriction. Any items extracted using the Mac demo count towards the allowance pool of 20 items.

All limitations are removed in the registered version of iBackup Extractor.

Fully registered software will run indefinitely and can be used with an unlimited number of backups. iBackup Extractor is fully registered when it has been activated with a purchased activation code.

Alternative Download Sites for iBackup Extractor

iBackup Extractor (PC) from Microsoft Store:

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iBackup Extractor (Mac) from App Store:

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iBackup Extractor 3 Alternative download

Download iBackup Extractor 2 (Older version)

Registered users of iBackup Extractor 2 can still download that version of iBackup Extractor.

iBackup Extractor for Mac OS X 10.7.