Save and load previous results from a duplicate search

Using our algorithm, finding and analysing files is extremely fast. Even so, especially for large scans, it might help you save time to keep the search data for further use. If this is the case, then please, read on.

Duplicate Sweeper is available as a free trial for Windows or Mac.

Saving your Data:

To save your Search Data, simply click on "File" on the toolbar, and click on "Save Search Results...".

Save duplicate search results in Duplicate Sweeper

You will be prompted to select where to save the Search Results.

This file is a collection of all the search data, and you can load it back by clicking on "File" and proceed to click on "Load Search Results..."

Duplicate Sweeper load saved search results

The data will now be loaded onto the program, allowing you to browse through the duplicates found again, re-do the search or even add more folders.