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Find out what's new iOS 10.3 and remember to backup before updating

Apple's newly released iOS 10.3 features a new File System, Find my AirPods and more...


Mar 28th 2017  |  Author: Wide Angle Software Team

iOS 10.3 instantly frees up 1.9 GB of storage and other reasons to update your iPhone

iOS 10.3 is a major update and is certainly packed with features. The next major update to iOS (iOS 11) is expected this Autumn 2017 to coincide with the release of Apple’s next iPhone model.

iOS 10.3 features and fixes

Image Credit: Apple

iOS 10.3 Main Features:

There are many new and improved features provided by this update. Many of them pave the way for use from Apple's up-and-coming iOS 11 too!

  • New File System

    With iOS 10.3, Apple has switched to the new Apple File System, which takes advantage of Flash and SSD storage’s fast read and write speeds to improve the general speed of the iPhone. Installing iOS 10.3 has also saved nearly 1.9 GB in iPhone storage in our tests, so for those of us who are always running out of space on our iPhones, that's a very welcome feature indeed!

    Because of some early reports of data loss following the update, we strongly recommend backing up your iPhone before committing to the update. Keep your data safe!

  • Improved App Management

    Get rid of out-of-date apps which slow down your iPhone!

    Go to Settings > General > About > Applications.

    Here you’ll find a handy list of your installed application which will not be compatible with future version of iOS.

  • Find My AirPods

    Apple's wireless AirPods have received mixed reviews since their recent release. Although they are light and hardy, their small size and lack of wires mean they are very easy to lose… Luckily, 10.3 introduces AirPod-finding in the Find My iPhone app. It can’t pin point the current location of your pods, but it can remind you where you were when they were last connected to your iPhone.

  • Weather Report in Maps

    If your iPhone has 3D Touch, you can activate a widget which will give you a nice 6-hour forecast of the weather for the location you’re looking at. Perfect to find out whether to pack an umbrella or shorts!

  • Easily locate all of your Apple ID Info

    You can now access and manage lots of features of your Apple account from your Apple ID Profile, at the top of the Settings app. Change payment methods, passwords and contact info all from one place.

    From here, you can also view how much iCloud storage space you have available, upgrade your storage space, or delete files which you no longer wish to store in iCloud.

  • Add Apple Podcasts App to Your Today Screen
iOS 10.3 features and fixes

Back up your iPhone before updating

We're really excited to continue to explore the new update, however after the reports of lost data when updating, be sure that your files are safe before you update. Our previous blog post provides guidance on how to backup all your iPhone content safely before updating your iPhone. You will find both iTunes and TouchCopy software helpful in backing up your iOS device on your computer.

TouchCopy updated to support iOS 10.3

Rest assured the latest version of TouchCopy 16 is already iOS 10.3 compatible. So, you'll be able to backup all of your iPhone content for devices updated to iOS 10.3, as well as iPhones, iPods and iPads running older iOS versions.

It only takes a couple of minutes, so make sure your data is safe before committing to the update!

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