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How to Upgrade TouchCopy 12 to TouchCopy 16

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Upgrade TouchCopy 12 to TouchCopy 16

TouchCopy 16

TouchCopy 16 is the newest product in the TouchCopy series. It retains all the features you found useful in the previous versions and adds more of what you've been asking for! The software enables you to transfer and backup music, messages and other media from your iPod and iOS device to your computer.

Do you have a licence for TouchCopy 12? Read on to find out how to upgrade!

What's New?

We have completely reworked TouchCopy from the ground up for TouchCopy 16. This is due to changes introduced in Apple iOS 11 and iOS 12, particularly with how data is stored and accessed on iOS devices. These changes affect all media such as messages, notes and contacts. This meant major changes were required to TouchCopy, which also needs to access these items on your iOS device.

These changes opened up an opportunity to not only make TouchCopy compatible with software versions, but also to improve the software as a whole. We spent a lot of time working with the feedback we received from you to make the software even better.

  • We stripped back and re-wrote the bare bones to make use of new development practices and frameworks - this provides a smoother and faster user experience.
  • An updated, intuitive user interface makes it even easier to navigate TouchCopy's features.
  • New and improved functions have been introduced in TouchCopy 16, including the ability to save messages and notes as txt, HTML and PDF formats.
  • Compatibility with Mac OS Mojave has been added, whilst retaining support for older versions of Mac OS and all versions of Windows starting from Vista.
  • Many more fixes and improvements have been incorporated into the upgrade, as well as features requested by our existing TouchCopy users! We are constantly working to improve the software, so it's receiving regular updates with more improvements all the time!

Transfer iPhone messages with TouchCopy 16

How do I Upgrade?

Did you purchase TouchCopy 12 within the last 5 years?

If so, you may be entitled to a half price upgrade! That's right, we're offering our valuable customers of TouchCopy 12 a 50% discount if you choose to upgrade to TouchCopy 16. To find out if you are eligible for this offer, please see our TouchCopy 16 upgrade page. You'll need your TouchCopy 12 activation code to access this offer. Don't worry if you can't find your code, just let us know and we'll help locate it for you!

If not, you can still purchase TouchCopy 16 through our store!

Can I still use TouchCopy 12?

You can still make use of your TouchCopy 12 licence, although you may experience compatibility issues with newer versions of Windows, MacOS, iTunes and iOS. Since TouchCopy 16 receives regular updates, we recommend upgrading for the best experience and new features.

If you're happy with TouchCopy 12, you can certainly download that version from our download page.

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