House Inspector

Your personal guide to house viewing.

If you're looking for somewhere new to live House Inspector can tell you what you need to look out for when you go to view potential property.

Also, the House Inspector app is a convenient way of making notes and storing photos during house viewing. Available for Apple iOS and Android.

Interactive Checklist

House Inspector showing checklist

House Inspector will tell you what to look out for when viewing a property. Is the water pressure sufficient? Are there watermark stains on the ceiling? Is there vegetation growing in the guttering?

Simply mark the answers to these simple yes or no questions as you walk around the property and House Inspector saves your answers for future reference.

Questions are grouped into categories: Roofing & Guttering, Windows, Damp, Heating & Plumbing, Electricity and more.

Quickly Compare Property Scores

House Inspector showing property summary

Based on your inspection findings - House Inspector provides an overall score for all the properties you have visited.

You can also rate how you felt about the property yourself by giving it a one to five-star rating.

House Inspector lists the properties you've visited in order of your star rating and the inspection rating.

Take Photos & Make Notes

House Inspector showing Picrures section

Taking photos is a great way of recording your visit to a potential future home. House Inspector groups your photos under each property you visit. Additionally, using House Inspector, you can write notes about any of the photos you take.

House Inspector also lets you write notes about the property as a hole.

With Photos and Notes in House Inspector you can quickly produce a comprehensive record of your visit for browsing later when comparing all the properties you visited.


House Inspector compass

House Inspector has a compass feature that allows you to record which direction key features of a property are facing.

This lets you work out which parts of the property will get the most sunlight.

A south facing Garden, for example, will get the most sun while a North facing garden may will get the least amount of sun.