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Convert, manage and secure PDF documents with Wide Angle PDF Converter

New Release: Wide Angle PDF Converter


Apr 13th 2017  |  Author: Wide Angle Software Team

Discover the main features of our brand new PDF converter app

If you're currently using our software, or have used it previously, welcome back! If not, we are Wide Angle Software and we specialize in media management software for iOS, Windows and Mac systems. PDF Converter is our brand new app for Windows systems, created for users who need a quick and easy way to manage their PDF documents.

Wide Angle PDF Converter app

Wide Angle PDF Converter

PDFs (Portable Document Format) make sharing and reading information convenient. However, when it comes to modifying, editing, or securing files of this format, things can get tricky.

Conversely to web-based converters, Wide Angle PDF Converter performs all functions locally on your computer. This means that your sensitive information is not uploaded to the internet, and is not passed through other third parties. In this way, your files will remain safely on your PC or laptop.

Wide Angle PDF Converter is designed to make PDF management painless. It's functions can be split into 3 categories:


Easily convert your PDF documents for viewing or editing in other applications. Formats available include Word, Powerpoint and Excel. The app even provides the ability to convert entire PDF documents, or single pages of a document to image files like JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Check out our user guide for more information on how to convert PDFs.

Wide Angle PDF Converter conversion formats


Despite it's name, Wide Angle PDF Converter does a lot more than converting your documents; it also offers the ability to merge or split your PDFs, so you can access and extract only the information that you need. Merge 2 or more PDFs together, split a PDF into individual pages, or export specific selected text or images.

Learn more about the PDF modification features.

Wide Angle PDF Converter merge documents


The security of your files is important to us. Along with the safety that comes with the app being local, rather than web-based, we have also included loads of features to help you secure your PDFs. Encrypt and protect your files with a password, add watermarks, and set user-privileges to restrict the usage of your documents.

Find the full list of PDF Converter Security features, and a guide on how to use them.

As with all of our software, PDF Converter is available as a free download. This demo version of the software will allow you to explore the features of the app and convert 2 PDFs, free!

Download PDF Converter Demo