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Affiliate Program

Wide Angle Software is pleased to announce the launch of our Affiliate Program.

By initiating a sale of any of our products via your web site, you will receive 25% of the sale of those products.

Wide Angle Software produces some extremely popular iPod back up, recovery and utility software. With the launch of the Affiliate Program you can help us expand our business reach while sharing in the profits of this growing brand.

The products available under our affiliate program are...

TouchCopy 16 for PC
TouchCopy 16 for Mac
Tune Sweeper (PC)
Tune Sweeper (Mac)
Music Tag (PC)
Music Tag (Mac)
Duplicate Sweeper(PC)
iBackup Extractor (PC)
iBackup Extractor (Mac)

How it works

Potential customers visit your site and read about TouchCopy or one of our other products. You can create a special link through MyCommerce to place on your site. When a customer clicks on this link they are sent to the Wide Angle Software store on MyCommerce where they can purchase the product.

Once the purchase has gone though your account will be accredited with a percentage of the sale price. You can set MyCommerce to credit your account when a certain amount has been reached or monthly. There are many options for how you would like to be paid. You will need to set this up with in MyCommerce.

How To Become A Wide Angle Software Affiliate

Step 1: Sign up to MyCommerce Affiliate

Go to: MyCommerce Affiliate

Fill in the form and agree to the terms and conditions. Then click “Sign Up”

Affiliate sign up form

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Once you have created an account you will then see a “Getting Started with MyCommerce”. Click the “Get Started” on profile settings.

Affiliate home page

You will then need to fill out all the fields in the form with an asterisk or star next to them.

Members form

Once all the fields have been filled out click on “Save”.

Save your fields

Step 3: Create Relationship with Wide Angle Software

Once you have successfully set up your profile you will then be able to click “Get Started” on the “Create Relationship” section.

Create relationship with Wide Angle Software

You will then go to a form with search and filters. In “Vendor ID” type 33151. This is Wide Angle Software’s Vendor ID number and when you click search the products will appear at the bottom.

Click on any of the Wide Angle Software Ltd fields under Vendor.

Find products

You will then be presented with the option to “Join Now”. Click this to create the relationship.

Join now

When you have done this you will see a green tick appear at the top of the screen with confirmation of joining the program. The “Get Started” on Launch will now be available. Click This to go to the next step.

Get Started

Step 4: Start Promoting Wide Angle Software

Click on “Link Builder” to be able to create links to a product that you can use in your blogs, website, etc.

Build your links

Click on “Add” to add a product to create a link.

Create the links

Fill out the form as shown to select products.

The Product IDs are;

TouchCopy 16 for PC: 33151-10
TouchCopy 16 for Mac: 33151-11
Tune Sweeper (PC): 33151-1
Music Tag (PC): 33151-2
Duplicate Sweeper(PC): 33151-3
iBackup Extractor (PC): 33151-4
Tune Sweeper (Mac): 33151-6
iBackup Extractor (Mac): 33151-7
Music Tag (Mac): 33151-9
Vendor ID: 33151

The results will still appear if you only input the Vendor ID.

Search Products

The products will then appear. If you click on the tick box you will be able to select what products you would like to add. Once done click on “Select Products”.

Select and add products

A link has now been created below for you to start using! You can also add coupons to the link.

You have created a link

For further information please email us directly at the following address:

You can have your affiliate account up and running and making money within hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wide Angle Software Ltd.