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TouchCopy does not show any of the music or video on my iPod.

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If once you have connected your iPod - TouchCopy does not list any music or video on your iPod - check that you're using the latest versions of iTunes and TouchCopy. You can download iTunes from here.

To find the version of TouchCopy - Open TouchCopy options windows and then click "About TouchCopy".

You can update TouchCopy from our website by clicking the relevant button below:

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Latest Comments

Toby wrote...
I have just purchased touch copy 12, i have also just down loaded the latest version of iTunes. When i connect my iphone6 it shows all of my tracks, but they appear to be \"greyed\"out. If i select a track and press copy to iTunes nothing happens. Look in Items copied and it shows zero. Look in Items not copied and it shows the 747 tracks i wish to copy across, but again greyed out
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Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Toby Tracks that are in iCloud and not physically on your device will be greyed out and display a cloud icon. These tracks cannot be copied from your device as they are not actually on the device. If you require any technical support with this issue, please open a support ticket on our Helpdesk.