Do I need iTunes installed on my computer to use iBackup Extractor?

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Do I need iTunes installed on my computer to use iBackup Extractor?

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iBackup Extractor does not require iTunes to be installed on your computer. You can browse through and extract files from any previously created iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad backups without having iTunes installed.

Note that iTunes needs to be installed on your computer if you wish to use iBackup Extractor to create backups or restore your iDevice from backup.

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Latest Comments

peter beart wrote...
i purchased ibackup extractor as the description said i could open messages on backup data. when installed it appears you have to restore thebackup to a phone to be able to read them.

i need to read and print messages in a backup on my mac from an old phone.

this is urgent the information is required for litigation.

many thanks

pete beart
Shahram Vakilian wrote...
I haven't used iBackup Extractor for a couple of years and now I get the message iBackup Extractor quit unexpectedly. I'm still using Mac OS Mavericks and have downloaded the latest version. Not sure why I can't even get the program to even open.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Shahram Vakilian We have removed iBackup Extractor Mac version from our store due to it needing major functionality upgrades in order to fix this problem. However due to this it might take quite some time before this Mac version is back up and running. Please contact our Helpdesk for further support.
masoud sahami wrote...
i just purchased iback up extractor to restore some pictures previously backed up on itune now want to restore them on new iphone but iback up extractore keep saying restore failed.can you please advise me on how to use the software right.thank you

Wide Angle Software wrote...
@masoud sahami This problem will occur if the backup has been created with a different versions of ios. This will prevent you from restoring the backup. You can extract the photos from the backup onto your PC. You might then be able to import them into iTunes and sync the photos to your device.
masoud sahami wrote...
i just purchased iback up extractor to restore some pictures which were previously backed up to itune and now i want to restore them on a new iphone.but the software keep searching and turning no result.but advise me on how to use the software in order to restore items.
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@masoud sahami Please check that you have the latest version of iBackup Extractor installed. If you do or the problem still persists please contact our helpdesk for further assistance on this matter. Please provide details of what device you are using and what version of iOS you are using.
Michael M wrote...
I backed up my iPhone 4s to iTunes a year ago. Traded it in for a 5s but never connected it to itunes. I want to synch my 5s with my Outlook contacts now and then get all my contacts on to the 5s. Will TouchCopy do that for me? If I buy a new iPhone 6 later can I then get everything on to the 6?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Michael M TouchCopy can be used to copy your contacts from your iPhone and into Outlook. iTunes must then be used to sync your contacts from Outlook back to an iOS device.
Timothy Omland wrote...
Does not see my iphone 6plus looking for device sits and grinds and grinds It keeps looking for my connected device??
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@Timothy Omland Please see the following support article which may be able to assist you in the issue you are having... TouchCopy cannot detect my iPod/iOS Device
vj wrote...
how to copy the extracted messages,voice mails to iphone ?
Wide Angle Software wrote...
@vj Unfortunately messages and voicemails that are extracted from a backup cannot be copied back to an iPhone's message/voicemail list. This is because your messages are extracted in a different format so that they are viewable on your PC or Mac. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.