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Backup iPhone Messages

There are many reasons why you'd need to backup your iPhone messages; perhaps they contain precious images you'd like to save to your photo library, or you wish to keep a copy of those long text message conversations on your computer, or even for legal purposes. Whatever your reasons are, TouchCopy can help you save your Text Message, iMessage or WhatsApp conversations from your iPhone to your computer.

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Save iPhone SMS, MMS, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations.

Simply download and install TouchCopy on your PC or Mac and run the free demo version of the software.

Save iPhone MessagesYou can view all your SMS, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations by clicking the "Messages" button in TouchCopy.

To save your iPhone messages, select the contacts whose conversations you wish to save and click the "Copy Selected Conversations" button in TouchCopy. All your conversations will be saved as .HTML files named after the contact with whom you've exchanged messages. In addition to this, any images or videos sent or received as part of your messages will be saved to your computer using TouchCopy.

Print Out Your iPhone Messages

Additionally, you can also use TouchCopy to print out your SMS, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations. Simply select the contact with whom you've had conversations and click on "Print" in TouchCopy. Your conversations and images included in the conversations will be printed out in the same format as they are displayed on your iPhone.

TouchCopy user guide provides more details on how to backup iPhone SMS, as well as how to save iPhone voice mail messages.

TouchCopy can also help you recover all other content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad back to your computer, including your iPod, iPhone and iPad Music and Photos.

TouchCopy is a free demo download for PC and Mac and it is compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad models.