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TouchCopy 12 - User Guide


Welcome to the TouchCopy 12 User Guide. This document will guide you through the steps to using TouchCopy.

Table of Contents

TouchCopy is the premier iPod, iPhone and iPad back-up solution. Start here to learn more about TouchCopy.
Find out which iPod and iOS device TouchCopy works with ( clue: all of them! ) and the system requirements your needs to run TouchCopy 12.
Quick Start Guide
Get up and running quickly with this Quick start tutorial on how to copy music from your device to iTunes.
Audio & Video
TouchCopy can play and copy all the Audio and Video content on your iPod or iPhone. TouchCopy is able to generate logs and reports letting you know what has been copied and what is missing.
View your photos on your iPod, iPhone or iPad directly on your PC or Mac. Save a selection of photos to your computer or set one of the photos as your desktop background picture.
Use TouchCopy to view all the Apps on your iOS device. Copy selected Apps back to your iTunes library. View and copy data stored within Apps on your iOS device.
TouchCopy can copy all your Audiobooks and iBooks back into iTunes. TouchCopy can also display PDF files stored in iBooks directly on your computer.
Call Logs
View the call logs stored on your iPhone. Save the call logs to your computer.
View contacts on your iPod. Save contacts to your PC or Mac. Add new contacts or edit existing contacts on your iPod using TouchCopy.
View calendars on your iPod in TouchCopy. Save appointments and tasks to your computer. Add new or edit existing calendar appointments or tasks to your iPod using TouchCopy.
File Manager
Access your iOS device file system. View copy move and delete files on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad just as you would any other external flash drive attached to your PC.
View your Internet bookmarks and history on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Copy the bookmarks to your local PC andopen pages in your desktop web browser.
View SMS and MMS conversations stored on your iPhone on your computer with TouchCopy. Save selected SMS conversations to your computer as web pages (HTML files).
View notes on your iPod or iPhone using TouchCopy. Add new notes, edit existing notes or even delete notes on your iPod. Organize your notes into folders for easy access.
Voice Memos
TouchCopy can play your Voice recordings you have made on your iPod or iPhone and save them to your PC or Mac.
Learn how to customize your TouchCopy experience by harnessing the options offered to you by the software.
TouchCopy is designed to be easy to use, but often, certain problems get in the way. Learn about common mistakes and issues, and how to solve them.