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Music Tag User Manual


Welcome to the Music Tag User Manual. This document will guide you through the steps to using Music Tag.

Table of Contents

Quick Start Guide
A quick guide on how to use Music Tag, and some of its features.
Learn about Music Tag, the application that helps you retreive Tag data for those Untitled Music Files on your Library.
Find out the system requirements to run Music Tag.
Download Tags
Learn how to download the missing track data for your music, and how to navigate Music Tag's interface.
Modifying Tags
Learn how to manually edit the tag data from your files, and give them that personal touch.
Cover Art
Learn how to download artwork separately, as well as to revert any unwanted changes, or even to remove your existing artwork!
File List
Learn how to use the file list: how do add files, remove them, and how to restore files to default.
Learn how to retrieve your music files from iTunes, for full control over the data contained inside.