iBackup Extractor
User Manual

Retrieving iPhone Call Logs from iTunes Backup

iBackup Extractor allows you to browse and copy any Call Logs you have backed up from your iPhone.
To view all Call Logs stored on your iPhone backup, click the Call Logs button in iBackup Extractor.

Displaying and Browsing Call Logs

iBackup Extractor displays a list of contacts or numbers who have called you or been called by you. Clicking on a name/number in the list displays the Call Log pertaining that person.

iBackup Extractor will display information such as the date each call was made and the contact name or number, if this call was missed or unanswered, and how long the call lasted.

iBackup Extractor Call Logs tab

Extracting Call Logs

Select which call logs you wish to extract by selecting one or more entries on the display list, then press "Extract Call Logs..." in the Call Log browser. iBackup Extractor will then ask you where you want the data saved, and an HTML file containing the Call Log data will be created. If no entry is selected, the entire collection of Call Logs will be extracted.