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How to Export Photos from Android to PC

For a simple copy of photos from Android to computer you can use the "Copy Photos" option.

But what if you want to regularly back up your photos to your computer? You don't want to duplicate photos you've already backed up to your computer, but on the other hand you don't want to sit for hours deciding which photos are new and need backing up. Luckily, Droid Transfer makes it easy to back up your photos to your computer, leaving you free to delete the backed-up photos and make space on your phone!


Let's see how we can export photos from Android to computer...

  1. Download Droid Transfer and connect your Android device (Set up Droid Transfer)
  2. Open the "Photos" tab from the feature list.
  3. Click "Export Photos".
  4. Set a folder on your PC that you'd like to back up your photos to.
  5. Click "Export" to export all your photos to the folder.
Export photos from Android to PC

Detailed Information

If you're wondering how to export photos from Android to PC, you're in the right place. Droid Transfer makes it easy to back up photos to your computer. After backing up your photos, Droid Transfer will let you know when your Android device has new photos on it which you've not yet backed up to your computer! Let's see how:

First thing is first, connect your Android device to Droid Transfer on your PC.

Then, click the "Photos" section in Droid Transfer. You'll see all the photos stored on your connected Android device.

Click "Export Photos". If this is the first time you are using this function, Droid Transfer will prompt you to select a folder on your PC. This folder will be used when backing up your photos. Select a folder and hit "OK".

Select a folder to export photos to

Next, Droid Transfer will scan the folder for existing photos, and let you know which of your Android photos are not currently backed up in your chosen folder.

Hit "Export" at the bottom of Droid Transfer to export all your selected photos to your chosen folder on your PC.

Future Backups

Hello future you! Imagine, since last time you used Droid Transfer, you went on holiday and took 100 new photos on your Android phone. Now you're back home and want to back up your new snaps to your computer.

Connect your phone with Droid Transfer like you did before, click Photos > Export Photos.

This time, you'll see the message below:

New Photos Detected message

Click "View" to view only the photos on your Android which you have not already backed up to your chosen folder on your computer.

To back up these new photos, simply click "Export" as you did before!

Selecting Photos

You may not want to export all of your photos and there are many ways to define which ones you want to export in Droid Transfer.

  • Select/Deselect All- Click these buttons to select all your photos or deselect all.
  • Select/Deselect Photos from a date- Click the checkbox next to a date to select/deselect all photos which were taken within that date range.
  • Select/Deselect Individual Photos- Click the checkbox on a photo to include or exclude it for the current selection.

Export Settings

Have you opened the settings yet? Click the "Export Settings" button to view your options.

  • Photos Export Folder Location- Change the folder on your computer you use to back up your Android photos to.
  • Group Photos By Date- Groups your photos by either Year, Month or Day. By default, photos are grouped by Year.
  • Automatically check for new photos that have not been exported- keep this checked if you want Droid Transfer to let you know when you have new photos to back up to your folder.
  • Include Videos in Export- Check this if you want to back up your videos too.
Photo Export Settings